Success Story | Darren

Before 1ViZN I had a series of three strokes. I was put on 6 different medications for a variety of things including: high blood pressure, anti-seizure medication, anti-depressants, along with medication for pain relief. Quickly, my days were cut short. I could not walk through the house without stopping to catch my breath. The weight started to come and my activity level was near zero.

As the years went by, I stopped visiting my family and friends at their homes or for events and special occasions. I was rarely up for going out of my house. My weight was almost at 280 pounds and I had almost given up on ever being well again.

Then I was introduced to the 1ViZN Products. With the help of these great products, the weight began to come off, I began reducing the use of my medications, that were impossible to get off before. I started to enjoy my life with my family again. 14 months into this journey and I have lost over 60 pounds.

My waist went from 44 inches to 34 inches, and I am now at 216 pounds. I am active, working, and now sharing the 1ViZN products with an income that keeps increasing every month. I can’t imagine my life without 1ViZN, this company and it’s products saved my life! I now have the energy to keep up with my granddaughter, and thanks to 1ViZN I can enjoy my family and I got my life back!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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