Tips for Having a Successful Opportunity Meeting

by Anna Empey

Teaching or having your own opportunity meeting can always be nerve wracking, but there are many things you can do to help you prepare to have a successful meeting.  Not only is it important to invite people, and have some sort of giveaway to entice them to be there, but make sure you have samples of the 1ViZN products for them to try, either at your class or on their own time. According to Dr. Sanderson, it takes 3 days for the body to absorb and see a difference when using 1ViZN products. A 3 day supply sample pack is perfect for individuals who want to see how our products interact with their body.

Every teacher has a different style but there are steps you can take to be ready to teach when the opportunity arises. Here are some tips to get started.

1. Pick a Topic You Want to Teach/Share 
Be specific and not too general, otherwise you will have so much information to teach in one class it will be too hard to cover it all and you won’t know where to start.

EX: I want to teach about 1ViZN- a little too general. I want to teach about the health benefits of Velocity products.

2. Learn Everything You Can About What You Are Teaching About
This may seem overwhelming. How can one possibly learn everything about a subject? The answer truly is that one cannot learn everything. Start with the basics. What are you teaching about? What do you not know or understand about that topic? What information will you need to know to present the information to your class? Learn all you can, think about what kinds of questions you asked when you first started learning about a specific topic, and seek to answer those same questions. Use the 1ViZN Website or go and research online about the ingredients or sub-topics in your main Topic.

EX: What are some of the ingredients in Velocity? What things can each ingredient do for overall health and well being? What makes Velocity different than any other energy and weight loss supplement on the market? (Superfruits)

3. Make an End Goal for Your Class
What message or action do you want your class members to take once the class is done? Do you want them to start taking velocity? Do you want them to sign up to be on your line and use all 1ViZN products? This goal will be the key to structuring your outline.

EX: I want my class to start using Velocity.

4. Make an Outline
What main points do you need to make to help them understand the topic you are teaching? What things do you need to explain to them in order to help them recognize that they should also use Velocity? Make a long list, then pin-point which topics you feel will be most relevant to your audience and which topics will show them that using Velocity is in their best interest.

Ex: Using Velocity on a Daily Basis

1. What is Velocity?
2. What are the Ingredients in Velocity?
3. Possible Side Effects
4. How Velocity has Helped Others with Their Fitness and Wellness Goals – Testimonials
5. The Importance of Diet and Exercise to Increase the Efficiency of Velocity
6. How You Can Get Velocity as a Retail Customer, Preferred Customer or a Distributor

5. Develop Your Outline
What key points do you talk about to explain each main topic you will teach? Find resources from online, and use the resources on the 1ViZN website.

EX: What is Velocity? – Velocity is a supplement that is made to help individuals not only have more energy, but also increase ones ability to lose weight (up to 1 pound per day without exercise) or trim and tone the body. Velocity is also has the ability to increase mental focus and clarity, because of the balance of the ingredients in it and how they interact with the body.

6. Don’t be Afraid to Ask the Audience Questions
Throughout your outline, put in key questions you ask the audience to encourage discussion. You can use them as a way to transition to another main point or to introduce or conclude a main point. This will really bring the audience together. But it is important to ask the right questions. You don’t want to ask an obvious answer question but you don’t want to ask a question that no one knows the answer too either. It is better to ask open-ended questions versus questions with a right and wrong answer.

EX: If you knew that you could have more energy and focus how would that change your life? OR What are some of your health and fitness goals?

7. Review the Outline
Go over the outline to make sure you explain the main points and the key points well enough that others will understand. Make sure you also have enough facts and information to get those at your class or meeting to act on your overall goal.

EX: Velocity is one of the best products on the market because of the ingredients, such as Camu-Camu, Acai, and Cupuacu. These fruits from the Amazon are powerful and all three ingredients naturally have rich antioxidants that help the body. Camu-Camu is also very potent in Vitamin C, which helps support and boost the immune system. Acai Berries contain anti-inflammatory properties, and they have been proven to help with mental function. Cupuacu has been shown to increase metabolism, and the natural fatty acids found in this melon may help improve brain function and memory, along with the natural caffeine for a natural energy boost with out the crash.

8. Plan for Questions
In your class Outline, plan on a Question & Answer Period. During this time give individuals the chance to think deeper, ask questions, and if you do not know the answer, tell them that you will figure out the answer and make sure you get their contact information and get back to them.

1.. What is Velocity?
2. What are the Ingredients in Velocity?
3. Possible Side Effects
4. How Velocity has Helped Others with Their Fitness and Wellness Goals
5. The Importance of Diet and Exercise to Increase the Efficiency of Velocity
6. How You Can Get Velocity as a Retail Customer, Preferred Customer or a Distributor
7. Q & A
8. Conclusion

9. Having a Call to Action & Following Up 
At the end of your outline in your conclusion, include a call to action so they walk away thinking about your main goal of your class.

EX: As we have learned about how Velocity has the ability to change your life, I want to encourage you to try Velocity over the next three days. Who will try Velocity and who wants to start making their life better?

Make sure that each person you sample, you take down their contact information and personally ask them if it is ok that you call them in four days. Set a time and then keep your commitment to call them and ask about their experience using Velocity. Following up with those you share the product with is one of the most important steps. Ask them if they have any other questions or if they want to review any of the things you talked about in your class, ask them how they have been feeling since they have been on Velocity, etc.

10. Practice, Practice, Practice
Go over the outline at least three times before you teach your class. Make notecards or a PowerPoint so you can teach the information without using cards. The more you can speak your mind without the struggle of remembering what you need to talk about, the better you connect with your audience.

What other things helped you become a better teacher when you started having opportunity meetings?


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