Jeep it! Success | Tara & Tom Robinson

Tara Robinson and her husband Tom, recently just qualified for a Jeep with the 1ViZN Jeep it! program. Here at 1ViZN, we want to congratulate Tara and Tom on reaching their goal and getting a Jeep.

We asked Tara about working towards a Jeep and what she has learned throughout this experience.

“The Jeep it! program is built on the power of 3. While you are building your business, you are qualifying for the Jeep! The process is rewarding. Every time we enrolled a Distributor, we were helping someone on our team reach the next qualification, whether it was S3 or S3Q3. Not only were we able to be successful and reach our goals, but we were able to help our team be successful in building their business as well,” said Tara.

The Jeep it! program is one of the simplest Car Bonus programs in the industry. It is built and designed to reward the Distributors that participate in the program and also to help Distributors build their business.

Tara and Tom are so excited to pick out their Jeep, “Getting to go pick out the color and style you want is fun. We had some of our family with us and they were just as excited as we were.”

1ViZN launched this new program in November of 2014, and since that time there have been quite a few people qualify and Distributors are really starting to see that this program is built on the principle of sharing the product with others, which is also the key to building your business.

Tara and Tom encourage other Distributors that may feel discouraged, “Don’t give up. We had our share of Distributors decide they didn’t want to be part of the Jeep it! program any more and it made us push through and want to qualify that much more. You can do this and you will want to be part of the movement where there are 1ViZN Jeeps across the country!“

Even with Tara and Tom’s success they are inspired to continue building their business, “1ViZN is changing lives. People are able to spend more time with their families and walk away from jobs that consume them. I want financial freedom to do the things I want with the ones I love. I hate hearing my little ones cry every day that I have to go to work. I love the friendships that have been created with the Distributors in this company.”

Not only are Tara and Tom excited for their new Jeep, but they have much gratitude for 1ViZN and the programs that have been created that are built to give back  and support Distributors in their goals of health and wealth. “We are able to do things that we wouldn’t have been able to do without the help of 1ViZN. Thank you to Mr. Davis, Mr. Kirkpatrick, and the Corporate Team! You have forever changed our lives!”

The 1ViZN Corporate Team is so excited for Tara and Tom and we are excited for all others that are working towards getting their own Jeep through the Jeep it! program. Before we know it, there will be 1ViZN Jeeps all across the country. We are excited for the growth and for the success of 1ViZN Distributors everywhere.

Learn More About the Jeep it! Program Below 




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