How to Approach People & Start a Conversation

by Cinthia Swaner

Practice, study and master the concepts below and you will be able to successfully approach and sample anyone anywhere:

  1. Don’t be arrogant, but confident. SMILE!!
  2. Dress the part. There’s rarely (if ever) a penalty for being the best dressed. Whether we admit it or not, we do judge books by their covers
  3. Realize your fear of rejection is unwarranted. If they blow you off, ignore you, don’t have time or you are (what you consider) unsuccessful in any way, you have defaulted back to the step 1. Nothing lost! Onward and upward!
  4. Be someone who knows everyone. Everyone wants to know the big wigs but how many people actually take time to get to know everyone on a first name basis (this includes doormen, receptionists, assistants…etc). Have this mindset and talk to everybody!!!
  5. Be unconventional and memorable. One simple thing to do when people asks, “How are you doing?” Always reply with a big smile and say, “Any better and I’d be worried” or “Somewhere between incredible and spectacular!” These responses often generate a smile or laugh and open the doors for easy conversations nearly everywhere. They’re yours to try – what have you got to lose?
  6. More energy! Be enthusiastic. (Builds curiosity about what you are about to share)
  7. Make eye contact when you speak. (Builds trust)
  8. Be persistent without being annoying.
  9. Be yourself. Don’t pretend to know things you don’t. If you don’t know something about the product, its fine to say: “I don’t have the answer right now but let me find out the answer and I’ll let you know”
  10.  You are about to make their life better in some way by having talked to you, sharing the benefits of 1ViZN products or the business opportunity. And they can make your life better as well by listening and engaging in a conversation with them.
  11. Do your homework.  Finding common ground with an individual such as hobbies, where they grew up or something they’re (secretly) passionate about will help you to relate with them in some way.
  12.  Avoid tie down and dead end questions. Easily break the ice in a manner that any reasonable person would answer your question. Think of your approach and desired conversations in multiple bite sized conversations. What do you have to say to have the conversation go the direction you want it to, or to get the information you are looking for.
  13. Plan what you are going to say in advance. (Make sure you understand the benefits of the products, relate the benefits with their needs) While being willing to change the order in which you might say things depending on their responses.
  14. Listen closely for questions in the conversation to research and/or mention in future conversations.
  15. Walk away sooner than you think you should. Avoid overstaying your welcome. Ever have a date and couldn’t wait to see the person again? That is the emotion you should try and generate. Leave them wanting more. Invite them to a meeting, to check out the website, to follow us on the social media)
  16. Take control and end the conversation with a phrase such as, “I’d love to share more about this amazing supplement next time we chat.” “I have something I want to show you but I have to run….next time.” Create curiosity in them.
  17. Before you leave make them feel how important it has been talking to them, say: “It was nice meeting you, this is my information.”
  18. Leave with a smile.

How do you get better at anything? Practice. The more you practice and incorporate these ideas, the more comfortable you’ll get starting a conversation,  approaching and connecting with people.


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