Use the 1ViZN App to Build Your Business

1ViZN App | 1ViZN Tools in the Palm of Your Hand

What The App Can Help You Do:1ViZNApp-Icon

  • Grow Your Business
  • Increase Enrollments
  • Manage Your 1ViZN Business
  • Get Communications Directly from 1ViZN
  • Current Training Materials
  • Current & Approved Presentations
  • Share Up to Date Marketing Materials

Once you download any content to your phone, you do not need the internet to show and pull up the the information to have a meeting or converse with others. This makes it easy to share 1ViZN and Your Vision with anyone, anywhere, and anytime… as long as your device is charged.

RefreshContent on the App is updated weekly and we do recommend refreshing the content with the refresh button in the top right hand corner, every once and a while. To refresh you will need the internet.

Easily download the 1ViZN app today and get a login by adding it to your auto ship in your back office.

Some of the Features on the New App:

1. Find Current Presentations to Give on the Go Under Join The MovementIMG_4429

  • Click on a category, then the presentation you want to view.
  • Click ‘View Presentation’ to view the presentation you want
  • Click the + in the lefthand corner & ‘Add All’ slides to the presentation or click on each image of the slide to add them individually to the presentation.
  • Hit the – in the lefthand corner to view the slides you have put into the presentation.
  • Swipe left or right to change slides.
  • If you want to add or edit the slides hit the + icon to ‘Add Slides’ or ‘Remove Slides’.
  • If there is video or audio in the presentation, the icon in the top righthand corner will change colors. To listen to the audio or watch the video, hit the icon that is colored.
  • If you want to draw on the presentation, hit the ‘Draw’ button on the top bar, pick your color, erase or clear the drawing. On an iPad or iPhone, to exit ‘Draw Mode’ hit ‘Whiteboard’, then ‘Close’. You can also use the ‘Whiteboard’ feature to draw. To exit this feature, hit ‘Close’. With a Tablet or Android Phone, hit the back button on your phone.
  • To go back to presentations or the Main Menu, hit the ‘Menu’ button in the top left corner.

2. Under Media & More Find:

  • Marketing Materials Organized by Product Line
  • Spanish Marketing Materials & Information
  • Getting Started Tools
  • Success Stories
  • Videos
  • Compensation Plan Info
  • Much Much More

3. Easily Share Any Content in The App By Hitting the Share Button

  • HowtoShare-AppShare to Facebook
  • Share to Twitter
  • Share to Pinterest
  • Share via Text
  • Share via E-Mail
  • and Much Much More
4. Connect to Your Social Media Accounts for Easy Sharing

5. In Messages Find Notifications from Corporate About Upcoming Events, Promotions, & More

6. Easily Enroll Someone Directly From Your App from the Home Menu, Found Next to ‘Log Out’, Under ‘Enrollment’ (This feature does require the internet).

7. Share Any Information Directly From the App via E-Mail to Anyone (This feature does require the internet).

  • On a Phone in Media & More Hit ‘Share’ on the Right Hand Side of the Screen Next to the Name of the Item
  • On a Tablet or iPad Hit ‘Email Selected’

8. Easily Use Your Phone or Tablet to Give a Presentation to a Small Group or Have a One-on-One Meeting.

How to Get the App

1. Pay for App Membership of $9.95/month in Your Back Office & Add it to Your Auto Ship

2. Download the App to Your Device

3. Login to the App Using Your Back Office Username & Password


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