Jeep it! Success | Char-Lee

Char-lee Godfrey recently qualified for a Jeep Compass through the Jeep it! Car Bonus Program. Char-lee has had a lot of success with the 1ViZN products and we are thrilled that she now has a Jeep and we want to congratulate her on her success.

We have asked Char-lee a few questions about her experience with the Jeep it! Car Bonus Program.

1. What makes the Jeep it! Program As Simple As 1,2,3?

“I was the first distributor here in Chicago and it was kind of tricky for me. I wasn’t placing distributors properly, but then I finally reached out to my upline Sean and Brook along with 1ViZN Leaders, Dan, Coliese and Andie, and they gave me a lot of support to understand this process. My upline really assisted me with my questions. Brenan at Corporate was also very positive, and very supportive. Every time I talked with someone I was encouraged and supported, this made getting my Jeep much easier for me.”

2. What was the process like working towards your Jeep?

“I really started going through my preferred customers and retail customers, reaching out to them to see if they wanted to be a distributor. This is one of the key parts of the process for me, because I had many customers, and helping them understand that by becoming a distributor they get a better price on the products they already love and use, it made a big difference. Sometimes it was challenging to help them see the benefits of being a distributor but once I helped them see that it made sense to them.”

3. What does it feel like now that you have your Jeep?

“I have much more financial freedom, I am making more commission because my lines are built and I also don’t have a car payment because I qualify for the Car Bonus, so this enables me to take better care of me and my two kids.”

4. What would you say to others who want to get a Jeep but may feel discouraged?

“It is not that hard to get your Jeep. I would encourage you to talk to others that have gotten their Jeeps and ask them what different ways, and how they went about building their lines to qualify to the Jeep it! program. Really, don’t be afraid to reach out to your upline or to corporate they will and want to support you.”

5. What inspires you to keep building your business even though you already have a Jeep?

“The commission that comes from building your business is what makes it so that I can live. I am a single mom and I have two teenagers, and I missed a lot of things with them. The awesome thing is I can do this on my own time and be available for my kids and to help make sure that we are taken care of financially. Both of my teenagers also have their permits and they are loving the new Jeep as well.”

6. What color is your Jeep?

“My Jeep is white. It looks nice and clean and professional. I am excited that I can have this Jeep to also help me build my business”.

7. Any other comments or things you want to say?

“I’ve been with 1ViZN for 15 months now, and in the time I have been with 1ViZN because of my extra income, I have raised my credit score 100 points. The car I had before the Jeep had a 22% interest rate and with the raise in my credit score, I now have an interest rate of 12%. The car I had before was a much older car, and now my Jeep is much newer and my payment is significantly less, and I am earning the payment for the Jeep. I would not be where I am today financially without 1VIZN.”

Learn More About the 1ViZN Jeep it! Program


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