Going Big 2015 – What 1ViZN Learned in Ventura

The Going Big Ventura Event started off strong with a Spanish Opportunity meeting and then a Super Opportunity Meeting.

The opportunity meeting opened with the “Why 1ViZN?” video and continued with an overview of the Ama Vida Skin Care Line and how it is designed to best help the skin.  Dr. Gary Sanderson, the Chief Medical Advisor for 1ViZN, spoke on the science behind 1ViZN products and taught about antioxidants and free radicals.

Saturday started bright and early with an announcement of the raffle grand prize being a trip for two on the next Leadership Retreat. The winner of that trip was Karla Robinson! Tony Xanthos explained the process of the Amazon Power Fruits being harvested, pulped, dried and then sent to 1ViZN to be used in our products.

From Vallerie Willden we learned about the importance of sampling and following up as a way to build your business. We then learned from Anna Empey about the importance of liking, commenting on, and sharing posts from the 1ViZN, LLC Facebook page as a way to help introduce others to 1ViZN.

Laura Guthrie, one of our App Developers, taught us about some cool features on the app, including how to use presentations and why the app is the first place to go when you need to give a presentation.

The excitement continued when 1ViZN announced the next Regional Event, “What’s Your Vision?” in Lehi, UT at Thanksgiving Point on September 11 and 12, 2015, along with a 1ViZN Gala. Tickets are still at the Early Bird Price of $49.99 per person and $20 for the Gala until May 1 at 5pm.

We then had the opportunity to hear from CEO and President, Bruce Davis, COO and Vice President, Todd Kirkpatrick, and Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Gary Sanderson for a Q&A session.

We also heard from recent Jeep it! Qualifier, Tara Robinson about the Jeep it! Car Bonus Program. Learning that it really is as simple as 1,2,3 to earn a Jeep. We also learned from Briana Robinson how to have a successful home party and from 1ViZN Master Distributor, Dan Langston on building and supporting teamwork.

Karla Robinson also taught us about the importance of being a good mentor and how the mentors in her life helped her become a mentor.

Jason Willden stole the show by walking out in a suit that looked as if it was made of money. He talked about why now is the time to be part of 1ViZN, why now is the time to build 1ViZN and to start going big.

Brenan Davis, the Corporate General Manager, taught us all about the compensation plan and how it is designed to give back to 1ViZN Distributors, assisting them to reach financial freedom.

CEO and President Bruce Davis closed the event with a gratitude and excitement for the things that were taught at this Regional Event and how 1ViZN is taking the steps to Go Big in 2015!


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