How to Find a Mentor & Why You Need a Mentor

Taken from Karla Robinson’s Presentation at the Going Big 2015 Ventura Regional Event

I don’t have a mentor. What do I do? How do I build without a mentor?

Find a Mentor

The first step is to find a good mentor. Look around you, around the company, look for those in your life that are successful.  Look at their teams, is their team being successful? Look for someone that you can learn from and work with.

Ask others what are you doing. Who do you look up to? You need to find your own mentor, you need to ask others to mentor you. Those that are successful and are leaders sometimes do not know who needs or wants a mentor. But when leaders and individuals are asked, they are much more likely to be there and to work with you.

We all learn differently and finding a mentor that works with you and motivates you is important. Work with someone that you are compatible with, that brings out the best in you. Look for someone that can see the potential in you that you can’t see in yourself.

Our first mentors were our parents. We don’t pick them, and sometimes we follow them and other times we don’t or didn’t. We were stuck with what they gave us but now you can choose who you want to mentor you and you can choose to learn from others around you.

Why it is Important to Have a Mentor

I learned that broken bones and bruised heals, words that are negative or positive stick in your head forever. Listening to the things people have previously engrained in us makes it hard to do and become who we want to be.  I still have a hard time speaking, the things from my young years come back to my head and that makes it hard.

1ViZN helps me to believe in myself and my mentors have taught me to believe in myself.

At fifteen I met my favorite mentor, my best friend, the love of my life, Leroy. He saw something in me that I couldn’t see and no one else could see. We were very poor back then, mind you we were young, but he taught me that there was a future that if we worked hard, and stuck it out that someday we would have something. He gave me hope and he had faith in me. He makes me a better me.

A good mentor will make you a better you. They can help you become your best self.

I had a mentor that told me I would do it. She believed in me and gave me the tools that I needed to do those things to succeed to really reach my potential, and do things I didn’t know for myself I was capable of doing.

Find a mentor that will work with you as a team. We all have ups and downs.Find a mentor that works with you and works by your side to reach your goals.

It is important to have a structure for mentoring that works. Call each other each day, set goals, be accountable to those goals and to each other.

You build leaders by mentoring and then you can allow them to lead their team. By doing that, 1ViZN is duplicated and leaders are duplicated.

Your mentor does not have to be someone you personally know.  I learn from many people. It doesn’t have to be someone you speak to every day. I listen to CDs every day that inspire and help me.

You need a good mentor so that you can be pushed past your limits. They see who you can be and they help you to reach and exceed your goals. They truly believe in you.

Age does not make you a good mentor. I learn from others around me in 1ViZN on a regular basis. We are being watched and you may be mentoring someone without them knowing it.

I want to end with some advice that was given to me that has helped me along the way.

  1. Just Be Nice, Smile, and Say Hello
  2.  Don’t Worry About What Other People Say About You Just Be True to Yourself and Be Honest

I am glad to be part of a company that believes in supporting one another and in truly being successful.


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