Building a Successful Team

Taken from Dan Langston’s Presentation at the Going Big 2015 Ventura Regional Event.

What is our company motto? One team. One focus. One vision.

Building a successful team happens over time. We make mistakes and learn as we go. Network marketing is very forgiving. If you mess up, you can start over each day and try again.

We have a son that plays baseball and he is absolutely amazing. They call him “Every Day Shay” because he always shows up. He is there every day for practice, he never misses a game and is so focused on becoming a major league baseball player that it encompasses his life. He is 16 years old and has been playing ball since he was three. He is a phenomenal player and can hit it 400 feet and longer.

The thing I have learned from him is that he is there for the team, he is there for the players, and he is always encouraging them and building them up while staying positive. Sometimes I have days I am not quite so positive, but it doesn’t matter how good you are or what a phenomenal player you are, even if you became the best player in the history of baseball there are still 8 other players on that team. It takes 9 to play, plus the coaches plus there other guys that sit on second string waiting to have their chance.  But they are always swinging the bat, they are always throwing the ball, they are always showing up.

When we get involved in network marketing, we could have all the talent in the world but if we don’t have a team and the group of our distributors all across the country then it doesn’t matter how good we are if we are not a team and working together. The way to succeed in this business is to be a team.

We go through lots of emotions and experiences and we have some brand new people here with us today that are just getting started. As you look around, you made an incredible decision to get involved.

After 12 months of building a team I was able to walk away from my full time job. We had one car, a 2005 trailblazer, with 100,000 miles on it but we were able to achieve the car bonus with our team. “Commit to your business and commit to your dreams.” It wasn’t a part time some time thing, it was focus and leading by example as good as we could and not saying I will give this a try for a couple days or months. If you are going to commit to a business you need to commit for at least 1 year.  It may be an hour or two per week as you start but you build towards it. It is not a race, but it is a lot better getting there quicker.

A lot of people want to get rich over night, but if you don’t commit to what you are doing it is just a waste.

I have some guidelines for building a team.

    • There are tough times, hard times, times you feel frustration, but you can’t let that get in the way. It is your business. It is what you are building for you and for your family.
    • Learn everything you can about the business.  Sometimes distributors that have been here for a while, a year or so, and they ask how to find something in the back office. Develop your knowledge about the business. How does it work? What tools do we have to help you? Spend time learning the back office, the app, using facebook etc. We have lots of tools that corporate has put together to help us.
    • I often hear if I had a better sponsor I would achieve more. Be the sponsor you wish you had. When you are introduced to 1ViZN it is an opportunity to change your life but you have to want to do that. You cannot instill your dream in someone else, you can only help them believe and see how it can help them but they start by trusting how it helped you. We can’t know what their obstacles are but we can help them and lead them while drawing from their strengths.
    • Stay in touch and create teamwork with your team. Do things together, have a good time, learn from each other, and support each other.
    • Meet often. Meetings are important even if you don’t have a new guest. Train and share and get excited and support each other. This helps bring positive support into our lives, which excites us. Char-lee Godfrey has taken the time to learn about the business. She was by herself and then she got a group of people together and we Skyped her first meeting. Anybody can have a meeting and your sponsor or mentor will help you.
    • Motivate and inspire your team members. Share your achievements but be humble. We are all different and sometimes it takes a long time to find some people. Strive to help them, motivate them, and inspire them.
    • Invite others to join the 1ViZN Conference Calls that happen each Saturday and Monday. You just invite others to listen to 1ViZN leaders and they can teach the things you may not feel comfortable talking about.
    • Continue to learn. A book I have read many times and listened to a lot is, “7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional” by Eric Worre. I learn new things all the time and I find new ways to share and create success.
    • Work with your team but not for them. Let individuals be accountable for their success or failure.  Unfulfilled expectations cause tension. Having a conversation to put those expectations up front will help you build your team and have stability.
    • Stay away form negativity and rumors and stay positive. Negativity flies faster than anything positive.  Create positivity with your teams and with those your share 1ViZN with. If you put positive out, positive will come back. We work too hard to let negativity get in the way of success.
    • Empower your team by giving them the best resources and tools to succeed. Teach them where to connect with corporate. Teach them to use the app and the back office. Teach them how to give a presentation. Feed yourself good information so you and your team can function better.

I encourage you to become a student of your business. Learn from the back office. Learn from the app. Then teach others how to learn as well. Take the time to start distributors on the right path, to find the right tools, and to help them succeed.

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