Why Now

Taught By Jason Willden at the Ventura Going Big 2015 Regional Event

I want everyone to stand up really quick. First off, give a round of applause to everyone here and those who have spoken.  I personally want to congratulate every person in this room. My motto is do something everyday to make yourself better and you are making yourself better by being here.

While you are standing up close your eyes.  Now I want you to each imagine a stack of cash. Imagine that wherever it is, on your bed, in your bank, or anywhere else. Now also think what do I have to do to get that stack of cash? Open your eyes and everyone sit back down.

When I was asked to talk about Why Now? I thought to myself why what?

What I have realized and thought about is Why first?

Ask yourself why did you join 1ViZN? Why do you get out of bed every morning? And why should anyone care?

What if, a year from now, everyone in this room was closer to their dream, whatever it may be. People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it. Everything must start with why, and only great companies keep their why clear year after year.

Nothing has happened in the past, it happened now. Nothing in the future has happened yet, it will happen now. Think about that. The more you focus on time, past, and future, the more you miss the now. The most precious thing there is.

We can each do something remarkable, and the mind and body are remarkable. The body instinctively knows how to perform the miracle of health where the mind knows how to perform the miracle of wealth.

I want to tell you a story about the power of the mind. Not to pat myself on the back, but I learned the power of the mind. 3 days after I came back from the 1ViZN cruise, I was let go from my job in finance at the place where I worked selling cars. I went from an all time high to an all time low.

On March 15, I started with a new company and they had all of the finance managers and sales managers in the room. Forty-four of them went over the numbers in February and who was at the top of the list.

When that meeting was over, the person who hired me asked me,  “Are you going to be on the top of the list next month?”

I said, “No I won’t be on the top of the list next month.  Put me on the top of the list now, it has already happened. “

He looked at me and said “It is March 15 you only have two weeks. “

I responded, “I don’t care it has already happened.”

In April, I was the finance Manager of the month and I had only worked for two weeks and he was so amazed at what happened. I did it because I said I would do it. The mind is powerful. I challenge you to act as if it has already happened.

If you change your mindset things will happen. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams.

If I was to tell everyone I had a million dollar bill for each of you in this room how many of you would come and stand on the stage to get it.

What if I was to tell you to get a million dollars you have to: wake up each morning, work at least 4 hours in your business, go to your meetings in your area each week, get on each training call on Monday and Saturday, and have a 3 way call at least once each week. Do all of these things for the next year to get a million dollars.

Every one is lucky to be here today because I have a million dollar bill for everyone in this room. Obviously it is fake, but I challenge you to put it somewhere you will see it more than three times a day. You see it, you will get it. You believe it and you can exceed it.

We must change our habits, attitudes, opinions, residence, and other parts of our lives to make that difference and change our circumstances.

It is your challenge to succeed; after all you only have one life. The pain of discipline weighs ounces and the pain of regret weighs tons.

I challenge everyone here to take what you learn this weekend and change something in your life.

There will be no better day, no better opportunity, no better time to begin than the current moment. Seize the moments as you find them and mold them into your own better fortune. Today’s procrastination will surely be tomorrow’s regret.

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