How to Sample & Follow Up

Taken from Valerie Willden’s Presentation at the Going Big 2015 Ventura Regional Event

Why Do We Sample?

You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it would you? No.

So why would you join a business without trying the products? We know that 1ViZN has superior products that help give you incredible results. Which is why we sample the products, so others can achieve similar results for themselves.

Once they have their own testimonial or results from the product they will be captivated to join 1ViZN.

Sampling Preparation

The idea of sampling can be overwhelming but 1ViZN has tools to help get started, one of them being the Vision to Success Handbook. You can find this packet in your back office or in the App.

Making your names list should be the first thing you do. This can help you know who to sample and share with, if you sampled them, and remind you to follow up with them and see how their sample went. 1ViZN provides you with many other tools to make sampling efficient and effective including: the sample cards, the app, and business cards.

Always be prepared.

 You want to make sure you always have a sample and a business card“The one time you leave the house without one, will be the time you start up a conversation about our products. Once that opportunity has passed you don’t get it back.”

Be a product of the products. 

My husband works in the car business. Almost everyone asks him “What kind of car do you drive?” He tells them the kind of car, and that gives the customers the confidence in what they are purchasing, because he drives the same car.

If you are a product of the products, you obviously believe in what you are selling. Giving your future team members or customers the confidence to try the products.

You also want to practice YOUR WHY. 

This is your elevator speech and you want to keep it 60 seconds or less. This is what captivates your audience and you will want to tell them why you are in this business without overwhelming them with information.

In the Vision to Success Handbook, there is a questionnaire to help you create your elevator speech. After answering all of the questions you will have what you need for your elevator speech. How easy is that?

You also want to have a product instruction card with your sample. If you don’t, people may take the product wrong and won’t have the results they want.

Practice role playing sampling with your mentor. 

This will help you prepare and feel comfortable on approaching people outside of your circle of friends.

The last thing to do to prepare is to make a goal of how many people you want to sample. Whether it is 15 people each week or 5, make sure to set a goal and stick to it.

Sampling Do’s

  • Make sure to relay EXCITEMENT about what the products have done for you and others.

If you’re not excited about it they wont want to try it. They need to see that you believe in this product and that you think everyone should try it.

This problem could be anything from not having energy to wanting better skin. We have a variety of products so listen to them to see which one will fit their needs best.

  • Give instructions on how to take the product.

People can be turned off to our products if they use them incorrectly. You want to CLARIFY the instructions and give them options on how to take it. Not everyone can dump the Amazon PowrBlend in their mouth dry.

  • ALWAYS get their contact information when you give someone a sample.

You want to be able to contact them and see if they enjoyed the product.

  • BE AVAILABLE for questions.

They might have questions about the products or the business so you will want to be available to answer these questions.

  • ALWAYS FOLLOW UP with everyone you have sampled.

There is no point in sampling if you don’t follow up to see how they liked the product. When you give them the product, schedule a follow up call or meeting 3 or 5 days later to discuss how they feel about the product.

Sampling Don’ts

  • Don’t Overload them with too much information.

You don’t want to make them feel overwhelmed. Keep everything short and sweet.

  • Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

Use the tools Corporate has in place. Corporate has put together the most effective and efficient tools for you to use to become successful.

  • Don’t get discouraged.

Not everyone is going to say yes to a sample.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask your sponsor or mentor for help.

Your sponsor or mentor is there to help you, they want you to be successful. If you have questions or want to practice role playing sampling, don’t be afraid to ask!

View Valerie’s Presentation Here: How to Sample – Valerie Willden

Learn More About the Upcoming 1ViZN Regional Event in Utah 


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