Facebook 101: Like, Comment, and Share

Taken from Anna Empey’s Presentation at Ventura, CA Going Big 2015 Regional Event

Today I want to teach you to like, comment, and share on Facebook from the 1ViZN LLC Page, to help you grow your business.

So What Makes You Happy?

  • Money
  • Babies
  • Free Time
  • Family
  • Liesure
  • Relaxation
  • Time with Friends

How Many of You Know Someone Who Wants to Be Healthier & Happier? 

1ViZN has created a foundation to help you have time and to be healthier and happier. Its products are created to help you reach that and help your friends reach that as well.

There are 1.23 billion people on Facebook. How long would it take to count to a billion? The answer is that it will take 50 years. If I counted from right this second I would be almost 76 years old by the time I could finish counting to a billion. That is a little unfathomable for me.

There are 318.9 million people in the United States and 122.3 million people in Mexico. That is a lot of people but that is not even close to all of the people that are on Facebook. There are so many people out there we can reach. If I made an announcement in this room that we have an updated website that translates to Spanish,only 200 would know that. If I was in the Seahawks Stadium I would reach 212,000 people. If I use a Facebook page to make an announcement, it has the potential to reach a much wider and further audience than those in a Facebook group or those that read a newspaper or go to the grocery store where I posted that flyer.

Like 1ViZN, LLC on Facebook

Pull out your cell phones. Go to the browser – Safari, Firefox, or Google Chrome, or go to facebook through the 1ViZN App. Go to your profile. This is your personal account that you use to connect with other individuals, pages, groups, etc. This is a limited sphere based on your privacy settings and who you are friends with, etc. My friends can see what I like, what I comment on, and what I share. Everything we do on Facebook goes back to liking, commenting, and sharing.

Now you will search for the 1ViZN, LLC Facebook page. Use the magnifying glass and search for 1ViZN, LLC. It will pop up and click on that to go to the 1ViZN, LLC Facebook Page.

Make sure you like the page and select “Get Notifications.” If you are on a mobile device you will automatically get notifications. This is where you will find all communications from Corporate. When you like the page you get a notification on the globe in the right top side of the screen. Every time we post, you can see that we posted.

When 1ViZN posts on this page it is like going to the Seahawks stadium and making an announcement versus posting in a group and making an announcement to a small room of people.

Find Upcoming 1ViZN Events

As you scroll down you will find “Upcoming Events.” Here there will be some 1ViZN events listed. There is a little calendar button and when you hit that it turns into a plus sign saying you are going to this event. Please add yourself to the next conference call. When you hit the header “Upcoming Events” you will have all events listed. If you hit subscribe then each time we create a new event you will get a notification on the globe in your news feed showing that we created a new event.

Why is it important to know what is happening with 1ViZN? So you can join us and so  you can share it and invite others to the things we as Corporate are doing and creating. Each Saturday and Monday there is a Conference Call. If you aren’t comfortable talking about the opportunity with 1ViZN, you can invite your friend to a call and they can listen and learn. This will help you grow your business by inviting someone to the call.

How to Invite Someone to an Event

When clicking on the event, there will be a page that comes up with a bar at the top with some icons – GOING, POST, INVITE, &  MORE.

Click on INVITE and there will be some options that come up – Choose Friends or Share Event.

If you choose friends, your friends list will pop up so you can select which friends to invite. If you choose share the event you will have the ability to either A) Write a custom Message: “Learn More About 1ViZN at This Upcoming Conference Call” or B) Hit Share without writing a custom message. The information that 1ViZN posted about the Event will go with the event when you share it.

Like, Comment, or Share from 1ViZN, LLC

When you go back to 1ViZN, LLC, scroll past the “Upcoming Events” section and you will find posts from the page. You can like, comment on, or share anything that 1ViZN posts. Underneath each post there will be three buttons with icons – LIKE, COMMENT, & SHARE.

To Like this post – Hit Like.

People typically like a post to follow the conversation or they like what they see in the post.

To Comment on this post – Hit Comment and Start Typing Your Comment.  

If I have mutual friends with another Distributor and we both comment on a post or like a post, it is more likely that others will see what I am liking and commenting on, increasing the visibility to what we as 1ViZN are doing. This will help people start asking questions. I want you to do this from your Facebook page everyday.

Take 10 mins and share a post from facebook, or comment on a post, or like a post.

To Share this post – Hit Share

When you share, a window will pop up giving you some options – SHARE NOW, WRITE POST, SEND A MESSAGE.

Share Now will post exactly what 1ViZN has shared in the post.

Posting gives you the ability to customize your message and add in a link to your own website. You all have a Replicated Website. Making it easy to share the information and support you need to help teach and show others the power of 1ViZN.

We Recommend Writing a Post. This gives you the ability to customize the message and to change your privacy settings. In the bottom left hand corner, where there are two people, switch this to a globe. This makes it public, meaning every single person out of the 1.23 billion people on Facebook can learn about 1ViZN.

Why Facebook?

Facebook is the largest social media platform EVER! Facebook is also called a social networking site, and we are in network marketing. Facebook can be used in so many ways to make connections and help others. It truly starts with LIKING, COMMENTING, and SHARING from 1ViZN.

We also are working on making sure that what we share is valuable content to our Distributors so that you can spend more time sharing and connecting than creating content and information. The 1ViZN Marketing Team will continue to support you as Distributors to have the tools you need to grow your business and share your vision. If you have marketing ideas or material ideas, please send them to marketing@1vizn.com, and the ideas that fit the goals and needs of 1ViZN will be created to support all Distributors.

View Anna’s Presentation Here: 1ViZN-Facebook101

Learn More About the Upcoming 1ViZN Regional Event in Utah to Learn From More 1ViZN Leaders 


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