How to Rank Advance in 1ViZN

 Manager to Area Manager

Each Distributor starts as a Manager. One of the best ways to start working toward Area Manager is to Sponsor 3 people one in Income Center 1, 2, and 3. When you S3 in 30 days or less you will receive free product. To rank as an Area Manager you need to continue building your business in Income Centers 1 and 2. When Income Center 1 or 2 reaches the income security level of 2,500 points your rank advances. As you build Income Center 3 at the same time this can also help build your business and reach S3Q3, which means Income Centers 1 to 3 have each reached S3. Income Center 3 is where the opportunity for Distributors to qualify for a new Jeep through the Jeep it! Car Bonus Program is located.  

Area Manager to Director

An Area Manager becomes a Director when Income Centers 1 and 2 have both reached the income security level of 2,500 points and they also open their 4th Income Center and teach that personally sponsored Distributor how to S3. Once Income Center 4 has reached S3 then an Area Manager becomes a Director.

Director to Area Director

To become an Area Director Income Center 3 must reach it’s income security level of 15,000 points. Then Income Center 5 must be opened and the personally sponsored Distributor in Income Center 5 needs to S3 qualify. Then a Director has become an Area Director.

Continual Advancements

To continue in rank advancements one must hit the income security level in one less Income Center than the distributor has currently opened. Once all 9 Income Centers have been opened then a Distributor has hit our top ranks, making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. (Based on $150 auto ships, for example purposes only.)

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