Having a 1ViZN Home Party

As Taught by Brianna Robinson at the Going Big 2015 Ventura Regional Event 

Home Parties, How important do you think they are?

I have this graph from the Direct Sales Association and as you can see the blue is Home parties.


According to the Direct Sales Association Home Parties are the second largest method for Direct Sales.

Why Can’t They See What I See?

I am sure this has happened to everyone in this room, you have just come back from an Opportunity Meeting, you have just enrolled and you are super excited about it. So you come home and you try to explain everything you just learned about to your family and friends.

And you get this glazed look or they think you have gone a little bonkers..

This is because they didn’t SEE what you just saw.

Home Parties give you a chance to show your friends, family, acquaintances what you SEE in the company and products. 

Why Home Parties?

  • It is an opportunity for guests to see, touch and try the products
  • Guests receive immediate answers to their questions
  • It is an opportunity to hear others opinions and testimonies
  • Guests may be more likely to come to your home, than a meeting
  • It is much more powerful to spend 1 or 2 hours with 10 people, rather than 1 person – quicker growth
  • Home parties are a great way to build excitement and lead the guests to the next event

What is the Goal of a Home Party?

  • Education & Understanding the Products
  • Enrolling New Team Members
  • Leading Guests to the Next Event

How do you Promote a Home Party?

First, get with the 21st Century…

  • Use Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, ect.
  • Emails
  • Phone Calls

Make sure you follow up with your guests a few days before your party to confirm who is coming to your home party.

Rule of Thumb

When inviting guests for your home party MAKE SURE you invite 50% more people then you want to attend. You will have people that will cancel or not show up, so it is always best to invite more people then you expect to show up.

Inviting | 8 Steps

1. Be in a Hurry

People are attracted to those who who are busy – that have things going on

Example: “I don’t have a lot of time to talk but I am really glad that I reached you.”

2. Compliment the Prospect

When you are sincere and you compliment someone they are going to be much more agreeable to what you are offering them.

Example: “You are very successful and I have always respected the way you do business.”

3. Make the Invitation

Example: “I just started with a new company that has products that make a lot of sense. I would love to get your input. Would you be willing to check it out and give me your opinion?”

4. If I… Would You…

This is a very powerful phrase if you use it correctly. It is telling the person that you will do something for them if they do something for you. It is reciprocal.

Example: “If I invited you to try out my new product, would you attend?”

5. Confirmation #1

Get the time commitment

Example: “ Mark your calendar for April 25th at 6:30pm”

6. Confirmation #2

Confirm the time commitment

Example: “I am really looking forward to seeing you at my party next week!”

7. Confirmation #3

Schedule the follow up call

Example: “What is the best time & number I can get ahold of you at, to remind you about my party?”

8. Get Off the Phone

Remember you are in a hurry, don’t stay on the phone and chat.

Example: “Great! We will talk then, I gotta run.”

If you follow these steps your inviting process will go much smoother and you will have more guests attend your party.

How to Prepare for Your Home Party

  • Determine What Products You are Going to Sample/Show
  • Have Plenty of Product on Hand
  • Have Plenty of Paper Enrollment Forms on Hand – Technology doesn’t always work or you will have a line of people waiting to sign up on a computer. Paper copies are easier in a big group of people.
  • Have Sample Packs Ready
  • Have a Free Product for a Contest or a Raffle
  • Know Your Presentation – Be Confident
  • Prepare Questions to Ask Your Guests

How to Throw Your Home Party

  • Be Professional – You are Representing Yourself & 1ViZN
  • Introduce Your Guests to One Another Upon Arrival – This is Important, You Want Them Feel Welcome and Special.
  • Have Simple Appetizers & Refreshments – Needs to be Duplicatable
  • START on Time & END on Time – You Need to Stick to the Time Schedule You Told Your Guests
  • Use Tools Provided by Corporate – The 1ViZN Mobile APP – This has the General Presentation on it so you can quickly go through it and give them all the information they need easily.
  • Have Upbeat Pleasant Music Playing in the Background

Home Party | Questions

When you do a presentation, at the end there is that moment when you don’t know what to say to your guests. So I have come up with a few questions you can ask instead of the dreaded “What do you think?” question

  1. “Did that make sense to you?”
  2. “What did you like best about what you just saw?”
  3. “Pretty exciting, isn’t it?”
  4. “Can you see how this could be an opportunity for you?”
  5. “Can you see yourself doing this?”

Ultimate Question:

“Let me ask you a question. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 meaning you have zero interest and 10 meaning you are ready to get started now, where are you?”

Home Party | Closing

  • Act as a Consultant & be Professional
  • Ask Good Questions
  • Be a Good Listener – Hear What They are Saying to You Can provide Them With What They Need.

Home Party | Follow Up

  • Stick to Your Word – If you say you are going to follow up at a certain time of day, make sure you stick to that. Show them that you respect their time.
  • Set up for the next Exposure – Before they leave you want to set up another time for a them to be exposed to the Business
    • Opportunity Meeting
    • Corporate Conference Calls
    • Follow Up Appointment
    • Promote the Next Event
  • It Takes an Average of 4-6 Exposures for the Average Person to Join – You have to be patient it can be a long process.

Home Party | Duplication

  • Stick to what is duplicatable. You want your team members to be able to duplicate what you did.
  • Keep it Simple!
  • Use Tools Provided by Corporate – The 1ViZN Mobile APP
  • Always be Specific – Have an Outline and Stick to It!

In Network Marketing it doesn’t matter what works, it matters what duplicates.

To leave you guys with an action to take when you get home – Set a date for your Home Party and stick to it.

Follow these steps and you guys will be able to throw a fantastic Home Party!

Brianna Robinson _ Home Parties

Learn From More 1ViZN Leaders at the Next Upcoming Regional Event 


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