Jeep it! Success | Ava P.

We want to celebrate and congratulate Ava Page for her success as she recently just qualified for the Jeep it! Car Bonus Program as she has been building her business. We are excited to share her success and her experiences as she has now qualified for a new Jeep!

What Makes the Jeep it! Program as Easy as 1,2,3? 

“The Jeep It! program is made easy simply by working in 3’s. When sharing the product, it’s amazing how quickly you can achieve S3, and then you teach those 3 Distributors how to share these amazing products.  Before you know it they have achieved S3 and you are now S3Q3.  By showing those you sponsor this process, and duplicating your business, it grows quickly. 1ViZN has made qualifying for the Jeep It! Car Bonus Program as simple as 1,2,3 by following these steps.”

What Was The Process Like Working Towards Your Jeep? 

“When I set out building my business, the Jeep It! program wasn’t available. However, 1ViZN showed how much they care about their Distributors success by adding this program and making it easy for anyone to reach it quickly.  Working toward my Jeep was fun and exciting because with each new Distributor came a new testimony and new goals. Watching the excitement build and lives change is rewarding in and of itself.”

What Does it Feel Like Now That You Have Your Jeep?

“While test driving the Jeep was fun, exciting and REAL, I could hardly believe I made it to a new Jeep until sitting in that seat and seeing and enjoying my hard work paying off.”

How Many Days Did it Take You to Get Your Jeep? 

“Once the Jeep it! program was announced I believe it took me around 90 days to qualify.”

What Would You Say to Others Who Want to Get a Jeep but May Feel Discouraged? 

“Never give up on your dreams and never stop reaching for your goals. If it is as simple as asking for a little help and encouragement then reach out and ask anyone in 1ViZN for help.  I reached out one day to an amazing lady (Andrea Wages) for a little help and before I knew it she was encouraging me and teaching me the skills I missed in order to reach this GOAL. TEAM WORK! 1ViZN really is and works together as one team, with one focus, and one vision.”

What Inspires You to Keep Building Your Business Even Though You Already Have a Jeep?

“I am inspired daily to keep building my business through the individual results, testimonies, and differences I am making in others lives while sharing these amazing products.  Although I have Jeep, I still love to see and support each and every individual on my team and others reach their goals.”

What Color is Your Jeep and Is the Color Significant? 

“The Jeep I have chosen is Black and I think just the words ‘Call Of Duty’ on the side reminded me of my kids and it makes this Jeep priceless in my eyes.”

Any Other Comments or Things You Want to Add?  

“Obtaining this goal is within anyone’s reach. 1ViZN makes it easy by encouraging, helping, and teaching us all to work as a group and be team players.  I encourage everyone to set their goals, make their dream boards, and share this product. The results will come, you just need to work towards your goals and you will start to see results.”

Learn More About the 1ViZN Jeep it! Program


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