Jeep it! Success | Jennifer C.

Jennifer recently qualified for a new Jeep through the 1ViZN Jeep it! Car Bonus Program. We are celebrating her success and we know that moving forward she will continue to have success as she keeps sharing 1ViZN products.

Jennifer has been working towards her Jeep since March 10. About a month and a half later she qualified for her Jeep and now is enjoying a Black Rubicon.  As she explained her process and her excitement she encouraged others to, “Put aside any negative feelings other companies may have instilled in your thoughts about network marketing. 1ViZN is the real deal! We have the right products at the right time with the right leaders making us one team, with one focus, and one vision.”

We also asked Jennifer a few other questions about her experience as she qualified for her Jeep.

What Makes The Jeep it Program As Easy As 1,2,3?

“The Jeep it! program is truly the most achievable vehicle bonus I have had an opportunity to participate in. I achieved it with the help of 21 product users properly placed making it easy as 1,2,3!”

What Was The Process Like Working Towards Your Jeep? 

“The process was happening before I even realized it. My goal from the beginning has been to personally sponsor 3 people I wanted to work with and then help them find their 3 people and so on. By following this plan, everything just fell into place.”

What Does it Feel Like Now That You Have Your Jeep?

“I am so excited to have my 1ViZN Jeep! The unlimited potential that 1ViZN provides is unheard of. I look forward to helping my team meet their goals also.”

How Many Days Did it Take You to Get Your Jeep? 

“I decided on March 10 that I wanted to shift my focus towards the Jeep it! Car Bonus Program and I sent my mentor, Coliese Hart, a picture of the Jeep at a stop sign in front of me and said ‘It’s on, I’m getting my Jeep!’ We talked about a plan and on April 25, during the Ventura Regional Event, I enrolled my final team members. On May 15, my first Jeep it! bonus was deposited into my 1ViZN PayHub so I signed the papers and picked out my rubicon that day.”

What Would You Say to Others Who Want to Get a Jeep but May Feel Discouraged? 

“Just trust in the process, believe in our products and company, and have integrity with every step you take. Focus on your 3 personal sponsors, then help them focus on their 3 and so forth. Follow the plan and you will achieve your goals.”

What Inspires You to Keep Building Your Business Even Though You Already Have a Jeep?

“I have seen a significant improvement in my health and of those I love. This makes me feel obligated to share what we have to help others get happier, healthier, and yes, wealthier!”

What Steps Are You Taking to Qualify for Your New Jeep?


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