Building Your Credibility as a Professional

Being professional is important to building your credibility with those you interact with and network with. Professionalism may be different for each setting and change depending on the group one is with but there are some basics that will help you be professional in any situation.

  1. Dress & Look the Part
  2. Have Appropriate Conversation & Be Polite
  3. Take Action & Be Accountable
  4.  Honor Your Commitments & Be Reliable
  5.  Have Flexibility & Integrity
  6.  Learn to Communicate Honestly & Clearly
  7.  Be Prepared & Have the Right Tools to Share Information

Dress & Look the Part

A professional dresses according to the circumstances. If you are having a business meeting over lunch be sure to dress according to the lunch setting and the seriousness of the meeting. If one wants to be taken seriously, it is always best to come and be dressed at your best. As a rule of thumb, know that being a little over dressed is more comfortable than being underdressed. If you are going to an event or trade show, dressing professionally will help you stand out, and be taken more seriously.

Our brains categorize individuals based on appearances and looks in less than 1 second. When we dress the part we are more likely to get the kind of response from others we are looking for. This is not to say dress out of character but to take your personal style to the professional level and to be appropriately dressed for the occasion. This will bring more respect to you and help boost your credibility.

Have Appropriate Conversation & Be Polite

A professional will stay clear of crude remarks, jokes, or comments that are out of place making others feel uncomfortable. A professional does not want to taint their credibility or limit the chance of finding new people to bring onto their team. Professionals set the tone for the meeting or conversation, and are the leaders that set the example for their team members to follow.

Having conversation that is appropriate for the situation and the circumstances is essential to building a strong team that works hard as professionals that believe in and follow their leader. Having appropriate conversation is about respect, and when we respect others, others are much more likely to respect us.

In your conversations, it is also important to be polite even if you may not know, like, or get along with those you are communicating with. Being polite is a sign of respect, just like having appropriate conversation is a sign of respect, and this also helps others to trust you and be more willing to listen and to work with you as a team member.

Take Action & Be Accountable

You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? Words are powerful but actions that are in line with those words are more powerful. The actions we take or do not take show others how serious we are. If we make a commitment to do something (ie: make a phone call, or get them a sample) we need to take that action. If we do not take that action we need to be accountable to ourselves and to others, doing whatever we need to make the circumstances right. Being accountable also helps others know that you are a professional and that your words are not empty, they have meaning and are in line with your actions.

Honor Your Commitments & Be Reliable

Being committed is important if individuals can recognize that you are committed to your business, to the product that you are sharing, to helping others have a better quality of life, etc. When someone can see how committed and passionate you are about what you are doing, that creates excitement and it also is a building block to having them also find excitement and see how the same things can help them in their individual life.

When we are committed and we are reliable, we show up on time, we have our meetings regularly, we help others, and we take action in line with what we say. Having and showing commitment will build your credibility and also create a foundation for a professional relationship with others and will help bring others onto your team.

Have Flexibility & an Open Mind

Having the ability to change the way you do something or to be open to new ideas and new ways of thinking is important. There are many ways to be successful and that may change depending on the personality of the individual, and the personality of those they are working with as well. Having an open mind and a willingness to be flexible will help you build your business and find creative ways to build and support your team.

Learn to Communicate Honestly & Clearly

Communication is vital to building a business and a team. Without full communication, a willingness to listen, as well as ask questions, and also respond, then building a team can seem impossible. Listening is just as important as speaking, and when one speaks, doing so honestly will make things so much easier to get onto the same page and also to make sure that whoever you are communicating with understands the messages and things you are trying to communicate. When you communicate regularly in an honest and clear way this builds your credibility because others know they can get an honest response from you, making it easier to build together as a team.

Be Prepared & Have the Right Tools to Share Information 

Professionals prepare for their meetings, they practice their presentation, they practice their calls to action, they learn new things to be ready for questions or comments. When we prepare for our meetings by thinking them through from beginning to end with a plan, then this makes the presentation go more smoothly. The preparation also helps boost your confidence because you know the material you are sharing and discussing with others. This helps others have confidence in you and it builds your credibility and capability to share with others because you know the information you are sharing.

There are many tools 1ViZN has to help you have the information you need to help you prepare for your meetings and to share 1ViZN as a professional. You can find presentations in the 1ViZN App, you can listen to Conference Calls, you can find information in your Document Library in your Back Office, you can find information from other Distributors on our Team 1ViZN group,or on the main 1ViZN page and you can find valuable training information here on our blog.

Building your credibility as a 1ViZN professional is important, and it can help you have more success in building your team and your business. Remember that applying these concepts of professionalism will help build your credibility and capability to connect with others to help make lives better, including your own.

What Do You Do To Build Your Credibility as a Professional?


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