Easy Ways to Share 1ViZN When You Travel

1.     Take Samples & Business Cards with You

One of the easiest ways to share 1ViZN is by sharing the products. Make sure to take samples with you and your business cards so that you can give them your contact information. Make sure to get their contact information too so you can call them after they have sampled the product for a few days.

 2.     Talk to People Around You

One of the cool things about traveling is there are a lot of people around you, whether on the plane, in the gas station, on the beach, etc. Strike up a conversation and when someone asks what you do for work, mention 1ViZN. Or, if they are talking about their health goals, mention or share your 1ViZN story with them, or someone else’s success story with them. There are many ways to bring 1ViZN into the conversation that make it easy for you to share how it has changed your life.

3.    Download All App Content Onto Your Phone

Having the content from the 1ViZN App makes it possible to look at anything on the app without the Internet. This makes it possible for you to be prepared as that conversation develops with questions about 1ViZN. You can have them look at the presentations,  flyers, product information, or you can use it to present it to them if you feel comfortable doing that.

 4.     Wear 1ViZN SWAG

1ViZN is a unique company with a unique culture; we truly are one team, with one focus, and one vision. Our 1ViZN brand is a powerful way that shows people who we are, and our SWAG is designed to stand out. It sparks curiosity, and those who are curious will ask you what 1ViZN is.

5.     Invite Those You Talk With To Listen to a Recorded Conference Call on Your Replicated Website

Did you know that on your Replicated Website under Events> Conference Calls you can find all of the past recorded calls? There are many Opportunity Calls, Training Calls and even Training and Opportunity Calls in Spanish. Anyone can listen to our past calls here on our site. If it is close to one of the typical times for a call, invite them to listen to the call. The Opportunity Call is on Monday’s at 6:30pm MST and the Training Call is on Saturday’s at 10:00 am MST. You can always join the call by calling 805-309-2350 with the Pin #18496.

How Do You Share 1ViZN When You Travel?


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