Success Story | Debbie

RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) has racked every joint in my body for the past 6 years. It took me from being a physically active person, playing racquetball and working as a nurse, to a disabled person who could hardly walk from the couch to the bathroom. Pain was a daily visitor that stole my body. None of the RA treatments helped, and I couldn’t take a high enough dose of pain medication to give me any kind of relief. Large doses of Prednisone added 75 pounds to my body and the chemo took more than half of my hair, to add more fuel to the fire. Day in and day out, chronic pain brought my life to a standstill. My husband would leave me on the couch with the pain etched on my face, and come home to me on the couch with tears coming down my face most every day. Finally, with only minor relief from the multiple RA prescription drugs and many OTC supplements, along with high doses of Oxycodone, the doctor put in a pain pump to allow Morphine to continuously seep into my spine at the highest doses possible. Anyone who has experienced chronic pain knows how it robs your life of joy and a lot of your happiness.

One evening, three 1ViZN Distributors walked into a bar…seriously, and I overheard them talking about this product that was sitting on the table. It was one of the very few times that I felt good enough to sit at a table long enough to have dinner with my husband. He has continuously been my rock through this whole thing and couldn’t understand what was diverting my attention. I heard one of them mention RA and my ears stood up and I flagged one of them down to see what they had. Jennifer Campbell, Coliese Hart, and Karla Robinson sat and talked about this wonderful product. Karla had her bag of drugs and I was or had been on all of them, and I sat with disbelief when she said she had quit them all!!! They gave me samples and information, and I took it from them with guarded optimism. There have been so many that I hoped would work and they were all failures.

Three days later…my husband said he was making a round trip up to Puyallup, WA, which is about 6 hours away, and I said I wanted to go with him!!! He was very dubious of that decision and knew if I did go the next day would be hell for me. We did a round trip all in one day. He knew I would be wiped out and in a lot of pain the next day but I have been going full steam ahead since then. 🙂 The days went by with decreased pain and within two weeks my Oxycodone was down to 10-20 mg (down from 80mg daily), I had them decrease the amount of Morphine to nearly half of the previous dose I was on and have stopped four of the many medications I was on. It has not been a miracle pill, as I have pushed myself to walk more each day, cut down on the amount of carbs in my diet, increase my water intake, and increase positive thoughts!

Jennifer, Karla, & Coliese, along with the whole 1ViZN family, have been such a huge support along this journey and I couldn’t have done it without them, as well as, my dear loving husband. I wanted to be a distributor after the first two weeks but with the loss of my Dad last year it has taken me a while to get to S3 status. I couldn’t have done it without all this wonderful support. We know God is faithful and works in mysterious ways and that meeting at the restaurant, with those awesome women, was divine intervention!

Today I am down almost 40 pounds since I started 1ViZN in August 2014, and have increased focus and energy. The change in my life has been monumental and my husband said that he would pay $1000.00 a month to have this kind of effect take place in me. He is also getting some huge benefits from Velocity and The Amazon PowrBlend himself. Make a decision to commit to a positive change in your life and it will be a decision you never regret.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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