5 Traits of Good Leaders

According to William Shakespeare, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Some of the best leaders in history did not recognize that they were inspiring and motivating others, and inspiring and influencing not only those around them but also the world. Being a leader may come easy to some and be challenging for others, but leadership is something each person can learn and develop. Becoming a 1ViZN Distributor is a step to becoming a leader. Here at 1ViZN we believe that No Distributor is Left Behind and that we can all lead together as one team, with one focus, and one vision. Here are some qualities that can help you grow as a leader.

  1.         Honesty
  2.         Communication
  3.         Lead & Teach by Example
  4.         Support & Inspire Your Team
  5.         Be Committed


1ViZN is dedicated to honesty and integrity in our products, compensation plan, and in helping others around us. Being a leader means being honest, and when you are honest you set the standard for those on your team to have the same level of honesty and integrity. If you make ethical and honest behavior part of your values and foundation for how you approach things and do business then your team will value those behaviors as well.


Communicating takes time and focus. It requires all parties to listen and speak and work together to understand one another. Communicating involves asking the right questions, and listening when they are asked. Communicating also involves knowing who you are speaking to and how they learn so they can understand what you are trying to communicate to them. Communicating with your team depends on how they best understand. It may be a phone call every day, a text message to check in, communicating via chat, or meeting face to face. However you approach communicating, take the time to evaluate if how you communicate is effective for the team.

Lead & Teach by Example 

Children are always watching others absorbing everything that is happening around them. When we are new to a team we too become childlike and we start to watch and absorb the things happening around us. Leaders lead and teach by example. If your team is not taking the actions or following through or struggling, then evaluate one self. Make the changes necessary so that the team is truly learning and following the example of their leader. Some team members may need extra support or help to clearly understand the goals or how to do certain things, but when leaders lead by example it makes it easier for team members to follow.

Support & Inspire Your Team 

Working as a team takes effort and time, but when the team knows that they are valued and supported then it makes working together as a team much easier. Leaders support their team and also inspire and motivate them when times seem hard or dark. Leaders are the ones who reach back and help someone get through the hard times and are there because they do care about their team, and they care about the success of others as much or more than the success of themselves. Being part of a team that does not leave behind or exclude team members is more successful because the team is dedicated to having success.

Be Committed 

There is nothing more motivating to team members than their leader working right beside them in the trenches, rolling up their sleeves and working. When a leader is dedicated to success and to supporting their team, in turn the team will respect and be dedicated to the team. Working hard is not enough to show your commitment but showing commitment to promises. Overall commitment builds your credibility and reputation as a leader, which in turn creates trust and motivation in the team.

Overall, there are many traits that are found in a leader. Each person can uniquely lead their team to success by building and focusing on individual strengths of themselves and of the team members in the group. Being a leader may not be something you have chosen but you can lead successfully and inspire others as you support your team.

What Other Traits Inspire You or Help You Have Confidence in Your Leaders or Help You Be a Good Leader?


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