Why Share Posts & Content from 1ViZN?

What Can We Share on Facebook?

  • Posts from 1ViZN LLC
  • Events from 1ViZN LLC
  • Blog Posts from the English or Spanish Blog
  • Benefits of the Products
  • Links from Your Replicated Website
  • YouTube Videos from 1ViZN LLC
  • Content from the App

Sharing Directly From the 1VIZN LLC Page Does Three Things:

  • You are utilizing a professional tool to build your business in a professional way at no cost to you.
  • Take advantage of support the 1ViZN LLC page has to offer you in daily building your business.
  • You are sharing compliant information that has gone through the Corporate approval process which protects you and your business.

Other Reasons to Share:

  • You Peak the Interest of Others That Are Your Friends
  • It shows others that you love 1ViZN products which is a great way to share 1ViZN and begin building.
  • When we have Opportunity Meetings that Corporate is sponsoring, sharing helps get more interest out there and raises awareness about the events we are having in different areas. (We all have friends from all over the world/USA. You might know someone that is interested in learning more in a different state where the opportunity meeting is happening.)
  • You can look at those who like your 1ViZN posts repeatedly and if they have not been introduced to 1ViZN you can send them a direct message asking them if they would like to learn more, try a product, invite them to listen to an opportunity call, and/or join in an opportunity meeting happening in their area etc.
  • Setting your posts about 1ViZN to public will broaden the audience you are reaching so anyone can see information about 1VIZN, even if they aren’t your friend yet. You can edit the audience of each post by selecting public to the left of the post button on a desktop and under the friends icon image to the left of the post button on devices.
  • Just like sharing the product, using social media is a way to share information about the products to see if others are interested in getting a sample to try the product. Sharing is the start to building a business that continues to grow.
  • Teach others to share too. The more people we have sharing the stronger your business will and can be because it is reaching more people and a bigger audience, so they can follow these same things too by sharing posts and reaching out to those that interact with them on their posts.

How to Share:

Using a Web Browser Like Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer or the 1ViZN App

  1. Log in to Facebook using a browser or go through the 1ViZN App to directly access the 1ViZN LLC page.
  2. Search for 1ViZN LLC if you are not on the Facebook page
  3. Scroll down to find a post you are interested in sharing
  4. Under the post there will be three options: Like, Comment, Share
  5. Hit Share
  6. Select an Option
  • Share Now without Adding or Editing the Post
  • Write Post add your own comments to the post (After you write your message be sure to hit share or post in the right hand corner
  • Send as Message to any of your friends or contacts

You can share any content on facebook following these steps.

Using the Facebook App for Mobile or Tablet

  1.  Open the App
  2.  Login to Facebook
  3. Search for 1ViZN LLC at the Top with the Magnifying Glass
  4. Select 1ViZN LLC
  5. Scroll down to find a post you are interested in sharing
  6. Under the post there will be three options: Like, Comment, Share
  7. Hit Share
  8. Select an Option
  • Write Post
  • Copy Link

When You Hit Write Post, Select the Next Option at the Top of the Post with the Down Arrow Where it Says Tap to Change Where You Are Posting the Information

  • Your Timeline
  • Friends Timeline
  • Group
  • On a Page You Manage

Be Sure to Hit Post in the Right Hand Side of the Pop Up Window

You can share any content on facebook following these steps.


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