How the S3 Program is Designed for Your Success

Being a new Distributor can be overwhelming but our program focusing on S3 qualifying is designed to help you build your business in simple ways that help you on the path towards residual income and a new Jeep!

As a Distributor, finding 3 people to get involved as Distributors to put in Income Centers 1 – 3 will S3 qualify you.

Reaching S3 is Important Because:

  • You are qualified to start earning money from your down line, which includes anyone that joins your team even if you did not personally get them involved.
  • You are also qualified to receive $150 in Free Product when you reach S3 in 30 days or less from the date you become a Distributor. This summer, if you reach S3 anytime until September 1, even if you have been with 1ViZN for longer than 30 days, you will receive $150 in Free Product.

When you have 3 Distributors, 1 in each of your 3 income centers, teach them the benefits of reaching S3. Teach them that they can get $150 in free product, and teach them to teach those they sign up that they can get $150 in free product. It’s really that simple.

The foundation for success in 1ViZN is truly S3. Find three people. Ask them to find three people, and continue helping individuals find three people who are interested in changing their health, their wealth, and having a lifestyle they dream of.

Reaching S3 opens the door to bigger and better opportunities within 1ViZN to truly change your life for the better.

You can learn more about our programs to receive a free iPad or Tablet and how to qualify to have a new Jeep paid for by 1ViZN.


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