The Difference Between a Retail Customer, Preferred Customer, and a Distributor

There are a few different ways individuals can be part of 1ViZN – as a Retail Customer, a Preferred Customer, or as a Distributor. Each has its perks and benefits and knowing where each individual is interested and what fits their needs and desires can help you and them understand the opportunity that 1ViZN has to offer each individual.

Retail Customers

  • Purchase Product at Full Retail Value
  • No Commitment with All of the Product Benefits
  • Easy to Get All of The Product You Need & Want
  • 1ViZN Distributors Can Earn Up to 44% Profit From Retail Customers When They Purchase Off of a Distributors Replicated Site

Retails Customers purchase the product at full retail value from other Distributors. On each sale, a Distributor can earn up to 44% profit from these customers. These customers have no obligation to purchase a certain amount of product or on a regular basis, but they do not get the discounts that are available to Preferred Customers and Distributors.

Preferred Customers

  • Purchase Product for Up to 32% OFF Retail Value
  • Get the Product You Need & Want with an Auto Ship Each Month
  • 1ViZN Distributors Can Earn Up to 28% Profit From Preferred Customers When They Sign Up Under a Distributor

Preferred Customers get up to 32% OFF retail value and the product is set up on an Auto Ship, which means that every 28 days the Auto Ship will be shipped. Distributors can earn up to 28% profit from Preferred Customers.


  • Purchase Product Up to 46% OFF Retail Value
  • Have the Product You Need & Want with an Auto Ship Each Month
  • Replicated 1ViZN Site to Increase Income & Personal Sales
  •  Fulfillment & Shipping Solutions for Your Retail & Preferred Customers
  • Join 1ViZN on Incentive Trips & Retreats
  • Receive Bonuses (Tier Bonuses, Check Match, Leadership Bonus etc.)
  • Access to Your Individual Back Office to Find Approved Marketing Materials, Track Your Pay Outs, Track Personal & Group Volume

1ViZN Distributors have the most benefits available to them. They save up to 46% off retail value of products. Distributors also have the ability to earn money form the product they sell to Retail Customers and Preferred Customers, which can help them cover the cost of their monthly Auto Ship.

Distributors also have the ability to start building a business by simply sharing the product. When a Distributor has 3 other people who get involved and become Distributors as well, they are now considered S3 qualified. When this happens within 30 days of becoming a Distributor, they get an extra $150 in free product to share with others.

Teaching each person that becomes a Distributor to find 3 more Distributors before 30 days to get the free product makes it easier to build your business and earn the amount of money you spend each month on product because once a Distributor has S3 qualified they are able to start earning money from those that become Distributors.

Overall, any of these options is a great way to get started with 1ViZN to start on the path to a better quality of life, better health, and better wealth.

Ask any 1ViZN Distributor how to get started today or learn more about 1ViZN here.


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