5 Things to Pack for Your Utah Trip

Are you getting ready to be in Utah at the ‘What’s Your Vision’ Regional Event? We wanted to remind you about a few things to be sure to pack so you are prepared for your trip and for the most important 1ViZN event this year!

1. 1ViZN Products to Take & Share

Traveling always wears us out. We always make sure to have our Velocity to help give us energy so we can be awake if we are driving 20 hours, or if we need to be extra alert so we don’t miss any important announcements made in the middle of the schedule on Friday. Traveling also means a lot of other people’s germs, so we take The Amazon PowrBlend to help support our Immune System. Who wants to get a cold from the person who falls asleep on your shoulder on the plane ride??? Not us!

Having products also makes it easy to share with anyone we are sitting next to, or if we start talking to someone in line waiting for a rental car. Traveling is one of the easiest ways to meet new people from all around the world, and we all know that everybody can use our products to have better health and a better quality of life.

2. Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Be prepared to mix and mingle during the 1ViZN Open House on Thursday evening, before the Main Event. There will be some snacks and goodies so be sure to bring the toothbrush to clean those teeth after an evening of awesome snacks, chatting, and connecting with the 1ViZN Family.

3. Your Thinking Caps 

Training at this Regional Event will be covering things like, How to Have a Successful Opportunity Meeting, and the Science Behind 1ViZN Products. These trainings are full of tidbits of information that will help you grow your business, and we are all going to need our thinking caps to remember and take these principles to apply them into our businesses. It doesn’t matter if your thinking cap is blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, red, or purple… just don’t forget to pack it.

4.Your Biggest Smile

Are you committed to being a top Distributor in Network Marketing? Because we are committed to being a top company in Network Marketing! The focus of this event is ‘What’s Your Vision?’ and we want you to leave knowing that we have a plan and a focus for the future to continue making strides on the path to success by supporting you, our Distributors, and customers. Make sure to bring that smile because you will have a lot to be smiling about, and it will be extra bright because you didn’t forget your toothbrush 🙂

5.Your Favorite Best Dress Attire

We are having a Gala & Awards Ceremony to celebrate the real reason why 1ViZN is successful. It is you, our Distributors. Pack your best dress attire and enjoy an evening of good food, good company, and good entertainment. This year we will be giving out many carefully chosen awards along with recognizing all rank advancements and achievements in 1ViZN. We want you with us at the Gala to celebrate being part of 1ViZN as one team, with one focus, and one vision. We can’t wait to take some pictures with you!


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