Social Media How To: Having a Facebook Business Page

Many individuals build a business page when they get their business going with 1ViZN. This is a great place to regularly share what is happening related to your 1ViZN Business including: your events, corporate events and calls, share content from 1ViZN LLC, share content from Team 1ViZN, and share your day to day life and how 1ViZN is part of your experience.

Using Facebook in any way will always be good for you as you share things about 1ViZN, this creates exposure to what you do and what you are part of, creating curiosity in others. A page will help you specifically share with those who are interested in 1ViZN and whatever else you are sharing that relates to your business, and there are not privacy limitations so anyone can see what you post on the page if they come and visit your business page.

There are a few limitations to using a Profile/Timeline or a Business Page to share 1ViZN.

Some Limitations of a Personal Profile/Timeline:

  •  Who sees the post(s) is limited based on the privacy settings for each post.
  •  You have a limited number of friends. (Max number of friends is around 5,000).
  •  You cannot do paid boosting to reach a bigger targeted audience.

Some Limitations of a Page:

  •  You cannot message individuals through the page unless they message you first.
  •  Boosting posts will get the most exposure for your content that you share, but cost a little bit of money. (Not required for a successful page)
  •  You need to invite others to like your page for them to regularly see what is happening on your business page.

While these limitations do exist, using facebook to reach your network of people you are connected to empowers you. As they interact with you, and as you communicate with them about 1ViZN, the opportunity to build your business grows and you are able to reach people that may not be in the same state as you, or even the same country.

How to Utilize a Business Page?

Using a business page as the hub of where you share information about what is happening with your 1ViZn business, your team, where you are having your meetings etc. makes it easy for anyone to see what you do to build your business. This makes it easy for you to get new leads, and interact with those that are interacting with you.

You can also use the facebook insights to see who all is interacting with your posts past those that like your page. You can then reach out to them in a comment and invite them to try the product, or to listen to a call, follow-up with them on whatever action you invited them to join, and gauge their interest; are they interested in being a Distributor, not interested at this time, or maybe being a Preferred Customer? Then get them started or put them on a re-contact list to follow up within a few months and reassess their interest.

Social media is a tool that builds upon the same principles as face to face contact and connection. This tool then provides you more ways to build and grow your business.

Be sure to follow the compliance rules if you do set up a page which include:

  • Selecting a name that does not include the name of any 1ViZN product or 1ViZN itself.
  • Be sure that when you share posts you do not have posts that have income or product claims, these break the rules established by the FDA and FTC, and as distributors following these guidelines protects your business and 1ViZN overall. (This applies to anything you may say or post about 1ViZN on any social media platform)

If you have any other questions about compliance please contact them here. If you have questions or concerns about using social media please contact marketing here.

Learn how to set up a business page here.


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