1ViZN App Updates & Changes

1ViZN is excited for some big updates and changes to the 1VIZN app that make it easier to use, and make it an even better tool to use to support you as you build your business.

These changes truly will help support you, particularly as it comes to using social media to build your business.


Social Media Shareable’s 

You can now find Social Media Shareable’s directly from the main screen on the app. Here you will find a variety of folders including training on how to use facebook and other social media, folders with images for each product, and a folder full of images for sharing the 1ViZN Business Opportunity. We are currently working on organizing and adding new items on a weekly basis and we are excited for the ability to support you in building your business using social media and face to face.

These shareable’s can also be sent via text, email, and any other way your device is able to share by simply hitting the box with the arrow pointing upward.

Submit Your Success Story 

Through the dropdown menu on the 1ViZN App, you can easily share your success story with the 1ViZN Corporate Team so that your story can be added to the 1ViZN App, to the 1ViZN Blog Success Stories section, and our hope for the future is to add to the number of stories you can add and share in the 1ViZN general introduction presentation.

Join the Movement Now Presentations 

We have updated the presentations section on the home screen to say presentations. We believe and hope that this will help make the app more user friendly, particularly for new app users.

Send Us Your Suggestions 

Through the dropdown menu you can now access the 1ViZN contact form. You can easily send us your suggestions, ideas, and questions by simply hitting the menu option and filling out the form.

Easily Set Up & Access Your Deductr Account

The 1ViZN App is very unique and with its ability to set up a Deductr account you are able to utilize a tax program that helps save you time and also money when it comes to tax season. You can learn more about how Deductr works here in some tutorial videos. You can set up and access your account in the drop down menu of the 1ViZN App.

Try the App for FREE for the Month of September

Text ‘1ViZn App’ to 88588 for the Links to Download the 1ViZN App & Deductr or Get the App Here

Username: whatsyourvision
Password: event2015


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