New SWAG & Marketing Materials Store

1ViZN is excited to announce a new online SWAG & Marketing Materials store. This new store will be open and available for anyone to purchase 1ViZN T-Shirts, product info cards, along with other marketing materials that Distributors need to be successful in building their business. This SWAG & Marketing Materials store will also have a variety of items that help support all Distributors having their 1ViZN events including: Branded Pop-Up Banners, Branded Table Cloths, and more.

At this time, the store has a few items and moving forward 1ViZN’s goal is to have a much bigger variety available to the Distributors to meet the variety of needs. There have been many individuals that have asked for a place to purchase SWAG online, and with this new development, 1ViZN is confident that the needs of the Distributors and Customers will be met.

This store does not require anyone to log into the back office. Simply visit, or your replicated site, and under tools there is a button that directs you to the new SWAG & Marketing Materials store. You can also visit the store through this link here:

Anyone is able to purchase SWAG & Marketing Materials from this store, making it easily accessible for Retail & Preferred Customers as well as Distributors.

You can also access the SWAG & Marketing Material Store through the 1ViZN Mobile App on the dropdown menu under SWAG & Marketing Store.

If you have any suggestions for SWAG and/or Marketing Material ideas, please send your ideas to 1ViZN here.


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