All New 7 Day Trial Packs of 1ViZN Products Now Available

1ViZN has a goal and mission to work with Distributors, and Customers as one team, with one focus, and one vision. Our ultimate goal is to help individuals and families have a higher quality of health, and life. This foundation for a better life begins with 1ViZN products, which have a unique composition to provide support for the immune system and other body systems to help the body feel and look better.

Something that 1ViZN recognizes that has been a challenge for Distributors is the way we have approached sampling and sharing our products. Over the last year 1ViZN has dedicated time and effort to find the best solution that is a win-win for our Distributors, and for anyone who wants to try 1ViZN products – a 7 Day Trial Pack of Velocity, Maximum Velocity or The Amazon PowrBlend.

Sampling is the foundation for building and growing a business. When you sample and follow up on a consistent basis it is what drives the growth and truly gives others the opportunity to try a product before they invest in the products. Just as one would test-drive a car before purchasing it.

The 7 Day Trial Pack

This 7 Day Trial Pack makes it possible for anyone to visit, or a Distributor’s replicated website to purchase a 7 Day Trial Pack of a 1ViZN product at a low cost. We decided on 7 days for the trial so that any individual trying our product for the first time can experience a longer, more beneficial trial.

Each product Trial Pack is designed to help introduce the product to individuals at a low cost to them, while rewarding you as a Distributor. These Trial Packs are compliant and protect your business as they have been designed with the intent to make this program teachable and make it so others can duplicate the results, bringing not only you success but your team as well.

How it Works

These packs are branded and created with the intent to have an individual easily be able to try 1ViZN products for 1 week. The instructions are on the Trial Pack and truly give individuals the opportunity to have an experience with 1ViZN products.

Ordering from the Website

Visit your replicated site and scroll down to the 1ViZN Product Trial Pack Section. Click Learn More. Select the Trail Pack you want to order. Place your order. Receive your Trail Packs in 5-7 business days. There is no shipping cost when ordering a 7 Day Trial Pack, and there is no PV on these packs.

Retail & Retail Bonuses

When an individual purchases a Velocity 7 Day Trial Pack for $15.99 you will also receive Kick Back Cash of $3.00, you also receive all their contact information via email when they place their order so that you can easily follow up with them after they try the product. If/when you share on social media be sure to share your own URL from your replicated site instead of sharing other Distributors posts, because if one of your friends orders from their site instead of yours they will get the follow up information, and they will get the Kick Back Cash.

Each 7 Day Trial Pack will give you as a Distributor Kick Back Cash, each time someone buys a Trial Pack. This Kick Back Cash will be paid in typical weekly commissions.

7 Day Trial Pack Cost Kick Back Cash 
Velocity $15.99 $3.00
Maximum Velocity $19.99 $4.00
The Amazon PowrBlend $29.99 $5.00

Following Up

We do recommend that individuals follow up with those that order these Trial Packs to make sure they receive their product order. Also follow up with a call on day 3 to see how individuals are feeling and liking the products, if they are enjoying them introduce them to how they can join 1ViZN, if they are not ready yet then call back at the end of the Trial period (7th day) and gage their interest.

You find all of their contact information to easily follow up in your Back Office under Business Center simply click on the order number to view the details of the order.

Phase 1 of Sampling Program

These packs make it easy to share 1ViZN, they also reward the Distributor and make it easy to share 1ViZN, in your day-to-day life, on social media with others, and with anyone you meet. It is simple to go to your website and help others place their order as you introduce them to 1ViZN.

 As we continue to grow and develop with 1ViZN, this sampling program will continue to evolve making it easy for Distributors to share 1ViZN, and to be successful in their business.

Learn More with Visuals from the Presentation to Announce this Program Here: 7 Day Trial Packs-Final

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact customer service here.


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