Enhanced Compensation Plan September 2015

1ViZN is thrilled to announce the enhanced Compensation Plan. This plan has been in the works for over a year, making it a better compensation plan that pays 1ViZN Distributor’s right up front for their hard work. This enhanced plan is truly built on the concept of S3, to support Distributor’s as they sponsor 3 new Distributors and help them to duplicate the process.

This plan only has 3 Income Centers that now build down without the need to build out into more Income Centers.


In this enhanced Compensation Plan for 1ViZN, we now have 3 Tiers of commissions under each Income Center. In Tier 1 across all of the Income Centers, you will recognize that the programs S3, S3Q3, and Jeep it! have not changed. What has changed is the Income Security Level for Income Center 3 while still having the potential to earn up to 7%. These percentages have built in our past Check Match Bonus.

As a Distributor continues to build down and reach the Income Center and Tier limits, they then become a Presidential Black Diamond. The enhanced 1ViZN Compensation Plan also is designed so that as a Presidential Black Diamond Distributor helps 3 more Distributors that are personally sponsored to reach the Income Center and Tier Limits, the Presidential Black Diamond Distributor is rewarded and then ranks to Double Presidential Black Diamond, giving them a check match bonus. This new check match gives Distributor’s unlimited earning potential as they continue to help 3 of their personally sponsored Distributors reach the rank of Presidential Black Diamond.

You can find all of the information about the 1ViZN Detailed Compensation Plan Here and in the 1ViZN App under Presentations.


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