Everyday Steps for Everyday Growth

Success is not a destination it is a daily habit that leads to greater opportunity, bringing you closer to your goals.

Every day is a new opportunity to make a change and to start taking steps or continue taking steps that lead to better health or a better life. Being successful in 1ViZN really starts with the basics of doing things everyday that lead to a stronger business.

Here are 3 things to do as everyday steps for everyday growth in your 1ViZN business:

  1. Talk to Everyone You Meet
  2. Share & Invite
  3. Follow Up & Gauge Their Interest

Talk to Everyone You Meet

One thing that makes individuals successful is talking to anyone and everyone with confidence and enthusiasm for life. Naturally, as part of your conversation, what you do for work will come up and this is the opportune time to mention 1ViZN, share your story, share other’s stories, and how these products have changed your life.

Talk to everyone you meet each day at the grocery store, at the library, at your kids soccer games, at events. Anytime you meet someone new take the opportunity to share how 1ViZN is part of your daily life.

As part of your conversation, you have the opportunity to invite them to take an action, to learn more about 1ViZN by trying the products, to listen to a conference call, or to come to an opportunity meeting you are having the next day.

Share & Invite 

Inviting them to take an action is important but it only opens the door for further opportunity to support them with their health and wellness goals and to change their life. After they have taken the action you have invited them to take you will need to follow up. Following up may be a reminder text to listen to the call, or a call to set up a time to talk about how they felt when they took the products, or picking them up to go to the meeting you invited them to.

Follow Up & Gauge Their Interest

At this time during the follow up, gauge their interest in 1ViZN. Don’t be afraid to ask them if they are ready to get started to change their life and get started on the path to better health and quality of life. If you are unsure of how to help them or support them, connect them to your sponsor or to a 1ViZN leader, or have them contact the corporate office.

Teach those you bring to 1ViZN this same process of Talking, Sharing and Inviting, Following Up, and Gauging Their Interest. This process is duplicable, and it is simple to teach others how to be successful in 1ViZN, even with different personalities and approaches.


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