What is Duplication?

Duplication is something that is easily teachable to someone else. In 1ViZN the process of duplication is built on a few principles – sharing, inviting, following up, and gaging their interest.

Building a 1ViZN Business is Duplicable

The duplication process for 1ViZN is Share –> Invite –> Follow Up –> Gauge Their Interest –> Repeat


Sharing 1ViZN is something you do everyday. You share with others how 1ViZN has changed your life. You share the products. You post information on Facebook from the 1ViZN app, you share your results and others result’s from the 1ViZN blog. Share something about 1ViZN that creates interest and curiosity. When you first meet someone, you have the opportunity to share what you do for work and to share why you are part of 1ViZN. Just start sharing.


While you are sharing 1ViZN, invite others to try 1ViZN products with a 7 day trial pack, to come to an opportunity meeting or a home party, or to listen to a conference call. Invite them to take an action to learn more. Invite others to learn more and see how 1ViZN can help them to have better health, and wealth.

Follow Up

Once you have invited them to take an action, you need to follow up with them. See if they enjoyed the product, ask them questions, and learn what other information they want or feel they need to know to get started with 1ViZN. If you don’t follow up with them, that is a major business error and it limits your ability to find out how the products worked, or if they need more support and information.

Gauge Their Interest

During the follow up, see if they are interested in joining 1ViZN. If you do not ask, you won’t know. If they say no then ask more questions, and follow the process of sharing, inviting, and following up. Continue working with them to help them understand what they want or need to know so they can get started. If they say “I am not interested” let it slide off your back and go and find others who are ready to be part of the vision.


Use this process for every new person you share 1ViZN with and teach your team to follow this process. This process is simple, and it is duplicable, which means everyone can do it. There may be different approaches to what to share, or what to invite them to do, but as you follow this process your team will start to grow.

Teaching Your Team the Process of Duplication

It is important that as your business grows you teach this process and what to do for those who are new on your team. 1ViZN wants to help all Distributors to be successful and part of that process is teaching new Distributors this process. Teach your team how to S3 in 30 days with this process of duplication, and how that earns them double commissions which gets their investment back right away and then help them to teach their team members the exact same thing.

This process is what puts you and your team on the fast track to success.

How has the process of duplication helped your business grow?


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