Why New Distributor Fast Dash Double Commissions is the Key to Success in Your First 30 Days & Your 1ViZN Business


In your first 30 Days as a Distributor, you earn Fast Dash Double Commissions (20%) on initial order volume from those you Personally Sponsor. When a New Distributor enrolls with the Elite package you earn around $200. Your up-line sponsor, regardless of how long they have been in 1VIZN, will also earn up to 15% commissions.

As a new Distributor, you want to not only earn Double Commissions, but also reach S3 in your first 30 days to receive $150 in free product, and S3Q3 in your first 60 days to receive a FREE iPad or Tablet.

Fast Dash Double Commissions is still important to your business success after your first 30 days because you earn up to 15% commissions when those you personally sponsor, sponsor new Distributors in their first 30 days.

For example: Joe is a new Distributor and he signs up Suzy with the Builders Package on day 29 of being with 1ViZN. He earns double commissions, and Suzy then goes out and enrolls Maria with the Elite package on Day 16 in her first 30 days, so Suzy earns double commissions, and Joe as her up-line sponsor earns 15% commissions, even though Joe has been with 1ViZN for 45 days.

As Joe continues to build his organization he continues to earn up to 15% when his personally sponsored Distributors enroll more new Distributors in the first 30 days they are part of 1ViZN.

Overall, Fast Dash Double Commissions is truly a jumpstart to build your business and to earn back the amount of money you invest with when you join 1ViZN. Double Commission is based off of the initial order of each personally sponsored Distributor.

Are you teaching your new team members about Double Commissions? 


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