Success Story | Tabatha

I have been over weight all of my life. As a result of all the extra weight in my twenties I developed very high blood pressure. In my late twenties I had a stroke, because of my blood pressure, that left me completely blind for about half an hour. At that point I started trying tons of different diets and weight loss pills to try to get the weight off. Nothing worked and my blood pressure continued to rise and I had to keep returning to the hospitals to get shots to bring it down and out of stroke level. One of the weight loss pills I tried left me with a permanent leaking heart valve. At this point I weight over 300 pounds, and it hurt my legs and feet to walk or stand for any amount of time. In 2012 I started going to the gym. I took off 14 pounds in a years time. I had started to feel a little bit better but I always seemed to be tired and did not feel very motivated. I had to force myself to exercise. Afterwards I just felt worse, it seemed to leave me even more tired and feeling drained.

I started taking the 1ViZN Velocity in May of 2013, by the second month I had taken off enough weight that I was able to be taken off my blood pressure medication by my doctors. Within the first 4 months I lost 72 pounds! I have now lost 115 pounds and my blood pressure is still good.

I no longer suffer from the health issues I had before that caused my stroke. I now have the motivation and energy to go to the gym 3-4 times a week and feel great afterwards. When people see me they say that I not only look physically better but I seem like a whole different person all together. I feel like a new person, I love myself and life again. Thanks to the 1ViZN products I now feel fantastic and I am enjoying my life for the first time in a long time!

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