Setting goals is part of creating your vision and living the life you want. Goals help you to continue to be motivated when things get tough, or when you just need that extra push to get going. Setting SMART goals will help you to have better results and do more with your time and effort because they are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Results
  • Timely


When you are specific you know what you need to achieve, and how to do it. This makes taking action simple because you already have included the action(s) you need to take as part of your goal. ie: Follow Up with people I sample vs Follow up with Jim, Sally, and Sam. Invite people to a meeting vs invite Jim, Sally, John, and Natalie to the opportunity meeting this Thursday.


When you can measure your goals it makes it easier to know if you actually accomplished the goal you set. ie: Introduce 1ViZN to 3 new people today vs Introduce 1ViZN to new people today.


Setting goals that push you but are still within your reach is important for your success. If you set a goal too low or too high it can be a de-motivator making it so you may give up your goals all together. Set a goal that is challenging but not so hard you can’t achieve it.


Set a goal that will lead you closer to your long-term goals and lead you to the results you desire. Setting smaller goals to help you accomplish your larger goals will lead to long-term success and results.


Include the due date in your goal for when it needs to be accomplished by. This creates motivation for you to complete the goal instead of procrastination. ie. Invite 3 new people to the opportunity meeting happening next Thursday by this Thursday.

This goal is Specific (inviting 3 new people to an opportunity meeting), Measurable (3 people), Achievable (finding 3 people is more than usual but not so hard I feel overwhelmed), Results (I want to build my organization and bringing new people to opportunity meetings help me reach the bigger goal), Timely (by this Thursday).

What are your SMART Goals for the next month to build your business and improve your life?


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