1ViZN Halloween Treats

When we think of Halloween the first thing that comes to mind is candy. While candy is a fun treat it is not healthy for us to eat a lot of it. That’s why at 1ViZN we came up with some Healthy Halloween Treats, that are just as delicious as they are healthy! Here are 3 recipes that everyone love! 


Ghost Bananas (serves 6)


Ingredients Needed:

  • 6 bananas
  • Chocolate Chips – Mini and/or Regular Size (you can substitute with raisins)


  1. Peel the Bananas and cut in half. Place the cut side down so the Banana halves stand up.
  2. Use 2 mini chocolate chips for the Ghost eyes and the large chocolate chips for the Ghost mouth. If using Raisins cut them in half for the eyes.



Pumpkin Tangerines (serves 6)


Ingredients Needed:

  • 6 Tangerines
  • 1-2 Stalks of Celery


  1. Peel the Tangerines
  2. Cut Celery length wise into thirds and then across into 1/2 inch pieces. Insert the Celery pieces into the Tangerines to resemble Pumpkin Stalks.



Apple Monster Mouths (serves 8)


Ingredients Needed:

  • 2 Granny Smith Apples
  • 1/2 cup of Peanut Butter
  • Mini Marshmallows (you can substitute with yogurt covered raisins)


  1. Take an Apple quarter and slice it length wise in half and then half again.
  2. Spread Peanut Butter on one side of each Apple slice.
  3. Line Marshmallows or Yogurt Covered Raisins on one Apple slice to resemble teeth
  4. Place another Apple slice Peanut Butter side down (like a sandwich) to complete the Monster Mouth!




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