Confidence: A Key to Building a Business

By Valerie Willden

Confidence vs Arrogance

Confidence is defined as: The belief in oneself and powers or abilities. Arrogance is defined as: An offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing, pride. One can be confident without being arrogant. Confidence makes you attractive to others. Everyone wants to spend time with confident people in hopes that some of their confidence will rub off on us. Many times people mistake confidence as arrogance. Remember your perception of what someone else is thinking isn’t necessarily what they’re thinking. You can do something without thinking you’re better than anyone else.

Confidence as a Leader

If you have joined a network marketing company, you’re a leader. If you share the product with a friend who has a health problem, you’re a leader. If you tell your neighbor about how you’re making an extra $500 a month to pay extra bills, you’re a leader. You don’t have to know everything to lead. You just have to be able to point people in the direction to find the answer. This helps your team in two ways. 1. They know where to look to find the answers to the questions. It builds confidence in them that they could help others do this too, (Isn’t that our ultimate goal?). 2. It’s duplicable and, by sending people to find the answers themselves, they learn the answers for themselves.

Leading with Confidence

You are enough. You have enough knowledge to start and the support behind you to be able to do this business and you can learn as you go. If you were headed into war, who would you follow? The timid guy who was unsure of himself and hides behind others or the confident guy who says we can do this and leads the charge into the battle? I want to follow the confident leader. Confident leaders make decisions quickly and they know if you make a good decision, that’s good and if you make a bad decision, it needs to be fixed. But, the most painful place to be is not making a decision at all. One of the most important things we can do to help our confidence is to protect our “inner circle”. Our “inner circle” is those we choose to spend our time with. They are our most trusted advisors, if you will. “Iron sharpens Iron.” Confidence is dynamic. If you’re not feeling super confident at the moment, just smile.

Ways to Build Confidence

  • Be on purpose when building confidence.
  • Be competent before you become confident.
  • Set a right now, 30 day nonnegotiable goal.
  • Go towards your goals with all your might.
    • The world moves out of the way for those who know what they want and go towards it with definite purpose.
  • Study what you don’t know.
    • Spend time each day on personal development. We reach higher than we are today by standing on the books we’ve read.
  • Stop pretending that you don’t know what you do know.
  • Make current monthly goal posters.
  • Put them all over your house so you can’t help but look at them several times a day.
  • Believe you can make it happen.
  • Guard your circle of influence.
  • Be strategic.
  • Change and become coachable.
  • Increase your persuasion skills.
    • Tell yourself you can do this and why you are doing this.
    • Honestly believe in what you are doing.
  • Be careful of your image and be the light in the room. Remember people are always watching you.
    • Make sure when you walk away from a group of people, you decide what they will talk about after you’re gone!
  • Track your activity all the way to the end.

Confidence is what will make you into the leader you’re destined to become. Walk into any room knowing that everyone in the room wants to meet you because you are someone worth getting to know! You are enough! Go build your businesses and live your dreams!

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