Mentoring 101

As a leader in 1ViZN it is important that you mentor your team. Then they know how to be successful building their business, they understand the process of duplication, and they continue to learn and grow their team. A mentor is like a coach, someone that helps to guide, direct, and support the team as they learn how to play and win.

We know that mentoring can seem daunting, but these tips and ideas will make the opportunity to help others become part of your daily habits.

Be Yourself

Being yourself is important. When you work with your team members and work with new team members you have the ability to genuinely connect with them and truly get to know why they are part of 1ViZN. Being yourself is a component of creating and instilling confidence in your team members as you have confidence in yourself.

Inspiration vs Motivation

Inspiring others moves individual’s souls and minds, but motivation creates a desire in others to go and take an action and make a change. There is a place for inspiring, but a good mentor knows that motivation will drive them to act. Actions will change their life and help them grow much more than simply inspiring them to be better.

Set Good Goals

As a mentor it is important that you help those you mentor to set SMART goals and help them to evaluate what they want to accomplish. Do they want to earn a certain amount of money each month? Do they want to lose a certain amount of inches? Do they want to Jeep it! Qualify? Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals with them.

They may not know what they can achieve or that when they S3 in 30 days they can get $150 in Free product, or if they S3Q3 in 60 days they get a Free iPad or Tablet. You may need to help them see what their goals can be, but help them to see that having a goal is part of continuing and creating motivation.

Be Accountable & Hold Those You Mentor Accountable

Accountability in yourself, shows them that they need to be accountable for their actions or actions they don’t take. Be on time. Be where you say you will be when you say you will be there. Follow through with your commitments. Take the actions you need to take to help support them and to support yourself.

When those you mentor miss a goal, or don’t take the actions that they have agreed to take, help motivate them to take those actions and re-evaluate their goals. Did they set goals that were too hard? Did they just not take the actions they said they would? Did they need more information from you to know how to act or what to do in different scenarios? Figure out what is making it hard for them to reach their goals or be accountable and then empower and motivate them to action.

Trust Yourself

As a mentor you have the ability to truly teach and help individuals learn and grow. You get to support them as they change their life for the better. It is important that as you teach them they trust you. Help them know they can trust your abilities and knowledge so that you can instill that self-confidence and self trust in them. You know what to do to be successful, you know what the process of duplication is, and as you trust yourself to mentor and teach them. Because of this, they will have the confidence and trust in themselves to become a leader and a mentor.

All in all, when it comes to being a mentor, be yourself, use motivation instead of inspiration to get others to take action, help those you mentor to set good goals, be accountable and hold those you mentor accountable, and trust yourself.

Who Will You Mentor?


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