Success Story | Crystal

My name is Crystal and I have been taking Velocity since late August. When I started I was the heaviest I’ve ever been 185 lbs. This was even more than I weighed during either of my pregnancies. I’ve also been working a desk job for nearly 6 years and that hasn’t helped my waistline at all! Now even with that, I’m down to 148 lbs so I’ve lost 37 lbs so far! I went from size 14 pants to size 10 pants, and XL shirts to Small shirts.

I started the Paleo diet before I started Velocity but it wasn’t helping me drop my weight, just maintaining and not going any higher. After my first week of Velocity I’d already lost 3 lbs and was much more active than before I started. Over the next couple of months, I kept dropping my weight. By mid-November I had already lost 30 lbs so I was down to 155. I was very grateful for this because at that time I fell with all my weight on my wrist and broke it. It would have been so much worse with that extra 30 lbs! Even with reduced activity because of my injury and some decadent holiday meals, I was able to maintain and still lose more weight all because of the help with 1ViZN products. Now that my cast is off I’ll be able to resume my activity to keep losing weight. This product has been great for me and changed my life!

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