1ViZN New ReVive Core & ReVive Hard-Core

The Fat Burn and Energy pill that has everyone buzzing with excitement!

 The single most effective Energy and Fat Burn aid on the market is Now Available!  And it goes by the name of ReVive Core & ReVive Hard-Core!

Thanks to the latest research and development at 1ViZN, the best of the best of benefits are back and better than ever! The secret is a newly discovered ingredient called Higenamine, combined with a proprietary blend of key components that actually mimic the effects of yes those legendary benefits… just one dose and you will never go without them. The effects are almost instantaneous!


No more excuses, now is the time to change your life. ReVive offers the benefits you’ve been waiting for to improve your health, feel better, and enjoy life.

 1 Capsule per day may assist you with:

  • Increased Energy and Stamina
  • Enhanced Mental Alertness
  • Increased Thermogenesis
  • Increased Performance
  • Decrease in Appetite
  • Rapid Fat Burn

Why Do You Want to Use This Product?

Our proprietary and trademarked CJCD System (Caye-ject Cellular Delivery System) is scientifically formulated to work directly with unique proprietary blends to ensure the ability for the body to absorb and utilize all of the components and benefits of ReVive. This system is what makes 1ViZN ReVive the most effective dietary supplement on the market today.

Core-Fat Metabolizer. This proprietary blend brings the elements and benefits of the best ingredients to bring you a thermogenic fat metabolizing experience. This blend has been scientifically formulated to maximize fat burn, through a metabolic process. This blend becomes even more powerful and potent as it is delivered with the one and only CJCD system.

Neuro-Ignition Focus Complex. Using the benefits of a variety of ingredients, this proprietary blend has been scientifically formulated to enhance mental clarity, and to support and stimulate precision focus through a neuro-ignition process that stimulates brain activity to add to mental acuity.

Hyper-Metabolic Energy Complex. The unique composition of ingredients in this proprietary blend has been formulated to boost energy levels in the body, supporting and revitalizing the body as it adapts to the diversity of everyday life activity. This blend has been scientifically formulated to maximize fat burn, through a metabolic process.

 How can I get it?

Contact your 1ViZN Distributor in your area or visit www.1ViZN.com to place your order. If you have further questions please contact 1ViZN Customer Service at 801.203.3522


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