1ViZN Press Release | Auto-Ships

The 1ViZN Mission

“To discover, develop, and deliver innovative products and programs of quality and integrity that will help those we serve obtain a greater quality of life.”


Last week we announced the launch of 2 new products; ReVive Core & ReVive Hard-Core. The pre-testing period of these two new products have created so much excitement and success and the 1ViZN field has welcomed these 2 new products with great enthusiasm and excitement as pre-sales for ReVive Core & ReVive Hard-Core have been through the roof. 1ViZN only wants the best products for our Distributors as we continue our journey of Changing Peoples Lives and we are excited to confirm that shipping of these two new products will happen as promised starting this Friday the 15th of January, and will be replacing all auto-ships from that date of the current energy/fat burn products Velocity and Max Velocity. Also starting on the 15th of January, you can continue to purchase the Velocity line until supplies last at 50% off with no PV by going on-line to order individually or by calling customer service at 801-203-3522.

Our mission is why we created the ReVive Line. Not only do our Distributors deserve the highest quality and most effective products, but also, so does the world. ReVive Core & ReVive Hard-Core is our continuous mission of developing and delivering the best products to you. Thanks to the latest research and development at 1ViZN, the HOTTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE ENERGY AND FAT BURN AID is on the market and NOW AVAILABLE!

Why ReVive Core & ReVive Hard-Core?

Because our Distributors and people across this country want cutting edge, quality products they can trust. These new 1ViZN products use only the highest quality ingredients and compounds, which are then combined to create scientifically formulated proprietary blends, designed to give you the best results and benefits.

To learn more about the NEW ReVive Scientifically Designed Blends and the proprietary CJCD (Caye-Ject Cellular Delivery) System, go to 1ViZN.com and click on the products tab.  You can order ReVive Core & ReVive Hard-Core now at 1ViZN.com

We are excited to go into our 5th year as a company with the best Distributors. We owe our success to you and to your hard work. You allow us to continue our mission of providing to people the possibility of a better quality of life. We are excited for the year 2016 and look forward to seeing you at the 1ViZN Las Vegas 2016 Convention, March 4th & 5th. If you have not purchased your ticket and/or your rooms for the event, purchase them now as they are going fast and space is now limited. This will be an event you do not want to miss! Purchase your room and ticket now at 1ViZN.com.

– 1ViZN Corporate Team



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