Share Your Vision | What to Pack

The Share Your Vision Event is only 1 week away! We cannot wait to see you all at our regional event at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas! We are all going to have a blast, and we are thrilled to share new announcements with you. We want to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your trip to Las Vegas so below are some things we wouldn’t want you to forget pack.

1. 1ViZN Product

Traveling not only can expose you to many germs but it also wears you out! You will want to make sure that you bring your 1ViZN product with you. Make sure to pack your ReVive to keep you alert and focused, while also stopping us from snacking to much! The Amazon PowrBlend will give your immune system the support it needs to be healthy, so you don’t catch a cold and ruin your trip! Las Vegas is known for it’s dry air so don’t forget to bring your Ama Vida System to keep your skin hydrated, fresh and rejuvenated for all your pictures!

Travel gives you many opportunities to share the life changing products with others you would have never met. You will want to make sure you bring enough product to share along the way on your trip.

2. 1ViZN Business Cards

You should never leave home without your business cards. As you sample new people you want to make sure they have a way to contact you and learn more about your business. You will want to make sure you bring some business cards in your purse or wallet to hand out with your samples.

3. Smartphone, iPad, or Tablet

At the Share Your Vision Event we will be discussing many topics, one of them you probably guess is ‘Sharing’! You will want to have your Smartphone or iPad so that you can learn how to share effectively on Social Media. We also encourage you to download the 1ViZN App as well as Social Media Sites including: Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter before coming to the event.

4. Notebooks and Pencils

At the Share Your Vision Event you will be learning important information and training to improve your business. Make sure to bring a notepad along with some pens and pencils so you can take notes. Having notes to look at afterwards will help you retain information and help you grow your business.

5. Business Casual Attire

The dress code for the Share Your Vision Event is Business Casual. You are a business owner and you should look and feel like one so dress for success. You should dress comfortably, this does not mean you should show up in your travel sweats.

6. Your Swimsuit!

There is a beautiful pool and lake at the hotel, and with the weather warming up you wont want to miss your chance to catch some Vitamin D. So make sure you pack your swim suit so you can hit the pool during your down time!


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