Share Your Vision | What We Learned in Las Vegas

The Share Your Vision Event started off strong with a presentation of the Vision of the Company with the youth movement though social media by General Manager Brenan Davis.

From Laura Guthrie one of our App Developers, we learned about “What it takes for a Business Today” and the new features on the 1ViZN App.

Amber Sherfey with excitement shared with us how the 1ViZN App has been helping her to grow her 1ViZN business.

We then had the opportunity to hear from General Manager Brenan Davis about the BIG Announcements – NEW Retail-Preferred Pricing and FREE 1ViZN App!

The excitement continued when our CEO & President, Bruce Davis announced the next Annual Event “Empower” in Utah at Thanksgiving Point on October 7 and 8, 2016. Tickets are still at the Special Early Bird Price of $79.99 per person until March 31, 2016

1ViZN Marketing trained us on how to use social media as a tool to grow our 1ViZN business and also taught us the benefits of using 1ViZN social media platforms to expose 1ViZN products and benefits such a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Char-Lee Godfrey shared with us how social media has helped her on her business. From Karla Robinson we learned about how to keep your organization healthy and active.

Session II started with enthusiasm with Cathy and Paul Wright followed by Keva Robinson presenting “Healthy Body, Healthy Life.” From Coliese Hart we learned the difference between 1ViZN Full Time Vs. 1ViZN Part Time.

From Ava Page we learned about “How to Stay Motivated” and shared her 1ViZN testimonial. Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Gary Sanderson, taught us “Why ReVive” is the best product on the market right now!

Tony and Brenda Lloyd taught us about how sharing from the 1ViZN App protects them. From Jason Willden we learned the Detailed 1ViZN Compensation Plan. Valerie Willden explained all the ingredients of ReVive.

John Bezerra taught about the “Fitness Movement” and how we can build our business with it. Master Distributors closed Session II with excitement sharing “Our Story” and what’s necessary to do to build your business.

Saturday night CEO & President Bruce Davis and General Manager Brenan Davis congratulated Distributors who rank advancement during the “Rank Recognition Ceremony”

CEO & President Bruce Davis closed the regional event with gratitude and excitement for the things that were taught at this event and how 1ViZN is taking the steps to Share Your Vision this 2016!


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