Importance of Planning

Have you heard the saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail?” It may be cliche now, but there is some truth to the saying. A plan gives you the best chance at success. Planning is important, it helps give you direction whether you are working towards a healthy lifestyle or transforming your financial situation through 1ViZN.

Healthy Lifestyle

When working towards a healthy lifestyle it is easy to get off track when we lack planning. It is much easier to make a healthy decision when you have a plan in place.

Make reaching your goals easier by planning ahead as much as possible. Here are some examples of planning ahead:

  • Schedule Your Meals
  • Make a Grocery List
  • Meal Prep
  • Create an Exercise Plan

With a good plan in place, you will find that working towards optimal health becomes much easier!


If you are working on transforming your life financially by sharing the 1ViZN Opportunity, having a plan is going to be very important. We encourage new members to sit down with their sponsor to create a plan within the first few days of enrolling.

Creating a plan can be overwhelming, that is why we created the 1ViZN App. Our app includes features that help you create a plan, including:

  • Getting Started – This is a checklist of what we encourage you to do first after enrolling
  • Compensation Plan Training
  • Drip Campaigns – you can set these up to go out to your team, customers, and prospects
  • Follow Up Reminders
  • History – see who has viewed your messages and content you sent

A key part of your business is hosting regular 1ViZN Opportunity Meetings or Online Training’s. The more you plan in advance, the more smoothly your meetings/trainings will go. Here are some tips on planning your Opportunity Meetings/Online Training:

  • Invite Your Guests Early – so you know how many people to expect
  • Prepare Your Samples in Advance
  • Have the 1ViZN Business Presentation on the App Cued up
  • Have Success Stories Picked Out in Advanced

Everything you do in advance is one less thing you will need to worry about later on.

Your business plans should also include events like our weekly conference calls and regional/annual events. Attending live events is a great way to stay motivated and learn the skills you need to transform your life physically, emotionally, and financially. By planning ahead, you can arrange your schedule to make sure you can attend events.

Our next event “Empower” is October 7th & 8th in Lehi, UT. You can buy your tickets here. 

Planning is a key part of your business. We encourage you to have a plan in place to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed!


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