Facing Failure

Encountering failure can be crushing because we are programmed to think that we cannot fail. Yet, failing is a big part of many entrepreneurs’ journeys. How do you you overcome your limiting beliefs and keep trying? First, let go of the idea of perfection. If you have never ran your own business before, it is expected for you to have a learning curve to overcome. It is impossible to figure everything out in the beginning. You need to start where you are or you may never start at all.

Once you have overcome perfection, the next step is to stop letting the views of others define how you think. When you label yourself as a ‘failure’ you are putting to much of your ego and self worth in what happens to you. We think that if we are successful, it was because we were brilliant and if we fail we think ‘I can’t do anything.’ This way of thinking stops you from analyzing the facts of the event.

Be honest and ask yourself the following questions

  1. How prepared was I? 
  2. What was my approach? 
  3. What did I have the power to change, and what did I not? 
  4. What else could I have done to fix the situation? 

Once you answer these questions it will be a lot easier to pick yourself up and know how to start again. Now, you will have more experience and will have an idea on how to keep going.

American author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur states “Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.” While failing can be difficult, remember that failure is inevitable and a part of being an entrepreneur. Learn from your failures and apply them to your future experiences.


Facing failure is a part of every successful business owner. For more tips on how you can have a happy and successful life, subscribe to our blog below and check out our Facebook page! 



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