How to Grow Your Contact List

If you don’t know how or are nervous to approach new people, it can be difficult to grow and build your 1ViZN Business. A growing contact list will equal an actively growing business. Whether you are a newbie, entrepreneur, or a seasoned network marketer, you need to pay close attention to growing your contact list.  Here are a few tips to break down that barrier and grow your contact list.

1.Believe You Can

Attitude is everything. Some people are naturally shy and question if they can approach other people. However, when you believe in your abilities as well as in 1ViZN Products, you can overcome this barrier.

2. Talk to Everyone

This is huge if you want to grow your business. If you are wondering how to start a conversation try the following:

  • Look for Conversation Starters: Kids, commonalities of lifestyle, items in house/ yard
  • Be an attentive listener
  • Be warm, friendly, and cheerful
  • Talk about their families and how the 1ViZN Products can benefit from them
  • Ask if they know anyone who could benefit from the 1ViZN Products

When adding people to your contact list, avoid any prejudgement. {Example: “They won’t be interested” “She doesn’t have time” “They don’t have the money”}. As an Entrepreneur it is your job to share. It’s not your job to decide for them. Let go of any focus on the outcome and allow them to make the decision if this is right for them.

3. Be Passionate

Use your WHY when sharing about the products and business. Let people see how passionate you are for the 1ViZN Products and helping others. Take them on your personal journey of how the opportunity and products are helping you.  Loving what you do and focusing on the lives you can help change will help you grow relationships and your business.

4. Carry the Products With You

  • When sharing with others the benefits of the 1ViZN Products, it is helpful to offer them a sample.
  • Remember the 1ViZN Sample Program – They can purchase 5 or 10 day samples of the 1ViZN Products

5. Connect Online

Social Media is a POWERFUL tool to grow your contact list. Connect with old colleagues or schoolmates to get reacquainted. Catch up with what is going on in their lives and how you might be able to help them. You can also reach out to new people in your area by researching local networking groups. Build relationships, ask questions, genuinely care about what is going on in the lives of others.

6. Build New Relationships

When growing your contact list it is important to build relationships with new people everyday. Get to know others as you go about life. It takes very little effort to be friendly, say hello, or get to know people and bond with them. Everywhere you go there are people who are potential customers and business partners.

7. Use the 1ViZN App 

The 1ViZN App is a powerful tool 1ViZN offers to help you create a contact list and organize how you follow up with your prospects. The 1ViZN App allows you to put in contacts and send them drip campaigns, product information, and business information. Using the 1ViZN App is designed to let you quickly send someone information about 1ViZN Products and the Opportunity.


 Follow Up 

Now that you have some tips to help you build your contact list, remember that it is important to follow up with your new prospects. If you sampled someone or they purchased a sample pack, follow up and see how they liked the product. Keep in touch with those on your contact list.


Growing your contact list is important for every entrepreneur.  For more tips on how you can have a happy and successful life, subscribe to our blog below and check out our Facebook page! 


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