CORE 45 Challenge

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The CORE 45 Challenge is desinged to develop and expand your 1ViZN Business. The challenge focuses on the CORE basics of building and supporting your buisness; sampling, retail sales, and new enrollments.

The CORE 45 Challenge takes place over 45 days with your goals to be 45 sample sales, 45 retail sales, and 45 enrollments.

CORE 45 is split into 3 tiers. Each tier that you accomplish, you will receive a bonus.

Tier I: SHARE | 45 New Sample Sales | $500

Tier II: ENGAGE | 45 New Retail Sales | $1,000

Tier III: EXPAND | 45 New Enrollments | $2,500

If you hit all 3 tiers you will achieve


Which is a $10,000 Bonus ON TOP of the other 3 bonuses you have received!

How do each of the tiers work? Lets break it down.

ShareBreakDown EngageBreakDown


Accomplish SURVIVOR 90 and you have the potential to earn OVER $20,000! This is our biggest challenge yet and we are excited to see what all of you accomplish! Lets get started!

The Core 45 Challenge starts August 14th and ends September 30th at Midnight MDT. For more information and rules about the CORE 45 Challenge, download our Q&A PDF Here 


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