What is Double Commissions?

You earn Double Commissions on all Personal Volume (PV) from ANY New Personally Sponsored Distributors within your first 30 days. You will also earn up to 15% commissions on the PV from any Personally Sponsored Distributors that YOUR Newly Enrolled Distributor(s) sign up in the first 30 days

Rules of the Double Commission Promotion

  • All Participants Must Be On An Active Auto Ship with a Minimum of 150 PV
  • All New Enrollments Must Set an Auto Ship of 150 PV +
  • All Bonuses Are Paid on Any Personal Enrollments Initial PV During the Promotion Period & After the Qualifying Enrollments First Auto Ship
  • Distributors That Have Been Inactive for 6 months + MUST Re-Enroll – If They Have Been Inactive for Less than 6 months They Are NOT Allowed to Re-Enroll But Can Reactivate with a 150 PV Auto Ship (Double Commissions Are NOT Paid Out on Reactivations) ***Any Distributor Breaking This Rule Will Automatically Be Disqualified for this Promotion***
  • This Promotion is OPEN to ALL Distributors



Enroll 1 Distributor at 150 PV in your first 30 days of becoming a Distributor. You Earn Double Commissions (20%) from the PV of that Distributor on their Initial Order = $30.00

Your New Personally Enrolled Distributor Now Enrolls 1 Distributor at 150 PV. You Earn 15% Commissions From Their New Distributor on their Initial Order = $22.50

This program truly gives more back to All New Distributors, helping them to grow their business and get the support they need as they choose to improve their health, their wealth, and their lifestyle.


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