How You Move Can Affect Your Mood

Did you know that how you move can have an affect on your mood? Science suggests that our body movements can impact our moods, and changing how we walk or sit can actually make us feel happier. 

Below are helpful tips to help you change your body movements and to help you improve your mood. 

Sit Up Straightshutterstock_499599217

Research shows that sitting straight up in your chair will help give you confidence in your own thoughts. If you are waiting for an important meeting or interview, don’t hunch over your phone. Stretch out and take up room. This will help decrease stress, anxiety & Cortisol (stress hormone).



Laugh Moreshutterstock_502730044

Laughing helps decrease stress hormones, helps lower bad cholesterol & blood pressure and raises good cholesterol (HDL). Laughing also enhances your mood and increases your immune activity. 



Act Happy shutterstock_453933130

Walking like you feel good can help improve your mood. When you’re walking, swing your arms, push your shoulders back and put a spring in your step. Keep a smile on your face. Participants in a study who smiled and expressed positive facial expressions had increased positive moods. 



Keep Movingshutterstock_428180422

Walk, bike, swim – exercise helps you feel happier. Why? When you exercise your body produces endorphins. Exercising can also help you overcome sadness. Participants in a study showed those that exercised 30 minutes were better able to overcome sadness and other difficult emotions. 



Move it Outsideshutterstock_428626417

Research shows that just 5 minutes of exercise in a park, nature trail or a green space can help improve mental health. Exercising in mother nature helps foster feelings of revitalization, energy, and positive engagement while decreasing feelings of tension, confusion, anger and depression. 


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