You Are a Distributor. Now What?

You Are A Distributor, Now What?

Starting out as a new Distributor is so exciting. We are glad that you are here with 1ViZN and we hope that as you start out you know that we are here to support you and help you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Customer Service and/or your sponsor or mentor. At 1ViZN, it is our goal that “No Distributor is Left Behind” because we work as one team, with one focus, and one vision.

  1. Check Out Your Replicated Website

You can visit your Replicated Website by putting your username and then (ie: or

  1. Log In & Explore Your Back Office

When you visit your Replicated Site or the 1ViZN home page, there is a login button on the left hand side. This button will take you to your back office. You will put the username and use the password you created when you signed up to become a Distributor. If you have forgotten your password, please contact Customer Service and they will gladly help you get that reset.

  1. Look at the Document Library in the Back Office & Find the Vision to Success Training

You will find the Document Library under the Corporate Info tab. You will then need to select the United States and then scroll down until you find “Vision to Success”.

Vision to Success is a training that takes you step by step from starting out as a new Distributor to building a strong, successful business. This training is important to helping you figure out how to share, who to share with, and why you joined 1ViZN.

In the Document Library, you will also find information about the products, the Super Fruits, posts you can share on Facebook, and so much more.

  1. Sign Up for Text Messages from Corporate – Weekly Conference Call Reminders, Event Reminders, Specials, & More

1ViZN sends out weekly reminders before our Conference Calls each Saturday and Monday. You can join our Text Message service by texting “1ViZN” to 88588. We also send out reminders for special events and also promotions. This is a great way to be reminded of what is happening from Top 1ViZN leaders and 1ViZN.

  1. Sign up for the 1ViZN Newsletter & Conference Call Reminders

Each month 1ViZN sends out two newsletters highlighting special events, promotions, information about products, and 1ViZN programs, along with exciting giveaways on Facebook. If you are interested in getting our bi-monthly newsletter, please sign up for our newsletter here.

We also send out reminders about our weekly Conference Calls. If you are interested in getting Conference Call reminder emails, please sign up here.

  1. Set up Your 1ViZN App

The 1ViZN App has many features which include:

  • Presentations you can download and give on the go without an internet connection
  • Updated marketing materials that are shareable directly from the app onto social media, via email, and also via text
  • Find Information About Upcoming 1ViZN Events
  • Information About Products, the 1ViZN Opportunity, and Support to Build Your Business

The app costs $9.99/month and can be added to your auto ship in your back office and downloaded to your device.

  1. Order Your 1ViZN Branded Business Cards

Having business cards is important so that as you share 1ViZN products with others, you can give them your contact information and can easily get their information so that you can easily follow up with them and see how they felt as they tried 1ViZN products.

  1. Like & Get Notifications from the 1ViZN LLC Facebook Page to Stay in the Loop with Corporate Messages and Posts You Can Also Share

Every day we post on the 1ViZN page with all sorts of great information that makes it easy to share 1ViZN using social media. You will find testimonials, product information, highlights about upcoming events, Conference Call reminders, weekly giveaways, and so much more. You can also find information about upcoming 1ViZN events under our events section so you don’t miss out on special opportunities and meetings with the 1ViZN Corporate Team.

Learn More About Using Facebook to Share 1ViZN

9.  Join 1ViZN Distributors for Discussion in the Facebook Group ‘Team 1ViZN’

This public group was created for our Distributors to support each other and to create an open space to ask questions and get support building your 1ViZN business. This group is led by many Top 1ViZN leaders and is a great place to connect with them and other 1ViZN Distributors.

  1. Learn More About the 1ViZN Programs S3 & S3Q3 to Help You Receive Rewards for Building Your Business

Did you know that when you reach S3 by sponsoring 3 new Distributors within 30 days of becoming a Distributor you will receive $150 in free product? And when you help those 3 to also sponsor 3 (S3Q3) within 60 days of becoming a Distributor you will receive a free iPad or Tablet? We want to reward you for taking steps to build your 1ViZN business, particularly as you begin having success right as you get started. You can learn more about all of our programs here.

  1. Learn from the 1ViZN Blog in English or Spanish & Find Us on Other Social Media

We created the 1ViZN blog(s) to help support and teach Distributors information about our products, personal development, ways to be successful at building the business, health tips & recipes, and to make it easy for people to find new success stories from individuals that use our products that are having life changing results. The blog is a great place to come and learn from 1ViZN and Top 1ViZN leaders each week.

You can also find 1ViZN on TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.


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